Latest methods used by anti-missionaries in Israel

Illustrative image - view of Ashkelon, southern Israel (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Carmiyah ministries based in the Ashkelon region have recently been the target of a well known anti-missionary organisation in Israel.

I received a call from someone saying that he and four others that finished their military service, wanted to stay in my home to learn about the life of Messianic Jews to get credits for university entrance.

I don’t publicise my mobile number, only a number not registered in my name. However when I messaged him on WhatsApp, he saw my registered mobile number and with this he could get my name and through his friends in Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of the Interior) he could illegally get my address. I knew someone trying to find out who is behind Carmiyah ministries could do this.

I did not agree to have them stay in my house and stopped communicating, however they already knew who I was and they continued their anti-missionary effort.
After this they went to the religious Jewish school where my landlord’s children go and they told his children bad things about me. They are very experienced at persecuting missionaries and they know how to make Jewish landlord’s afraid enough to evict their tenant. They feed the media with fake stories about missionaries to get them identified in society as pedophiles or some sort of criminal so that Israelis will stay away from them and not listen to them. These fake stories also discredit the Gospel of the Jewish Messiah. Nonetheless the Talmud contains lies about the Son of God too.

So my brothers, be wise, and know they are scheming against us. They think we are stealing Jewish souls.

Look up! Your redemption draweth nigh!