Let America Go

Brothers and Sisters, it would appear that there is a tremendous amount of anxiety out there about the now very likely probability that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States, as well as a fair amount of anxiety about the less likely but still theoretically possible outcome that Donald Trump will be the next POTUS.

While understandable (we’re only human) this anxiety is misplaced because it’s based on the premise that one outcome will be substantially better or worse than the other, and that just isn’t true.

Frankly, this election has been an exercise comparable to arguing over who should be the next captain of the Titanic.

Like the Titanic, the USA is already mostly underwater and there is no doubt about where it will soon end up, no matter who the President is.

Of all the things which are pushing the US in the direction of catastrophe, the most crushing pressure comes from a self-inflicted wound, debt. The US national debt is nearly 20 trillion dollars, with five times that amount in unfunded liabilities, while individual US States and local/municipal governments have many billions of dollars more in debt.

Click here to see the US Debt Clock.

It’s a mathematical certainty that at some point, possibly before the end of this decade, the US government will default on this debt. When that happens, it’ll be the economic equivalent of a 9.9 on the Richter Scale earthquake which will deal a shattering blow to the economy of the whole world and the social, political and economic fabric of the US.

All the things you’re worried about if Hillary is elected, from liberal Supreme Court Justices to America throwing Israel under the bus at the UN, won’t matter at all after this happens. The same is true for those who are worried about the bad decisions Donald Trump is likely to make if he’s elected.

There are many other things looming on the horizon which will mean massive changes for every single human being living on this planet but over which whoever the next POTUS is will have little control, for better or for worse.

So, I offer this advice for whoever is ready to take it.

Let America go.

Let America decrease in your heart as the Kingdom of Jesus Christ increases.

The Church in the US (and many other Western countries) have long been guilty of putting our faith, hope and trust in democracy in general and the Republican Party in particular. I think it’s at least possible that this train wreck of an election in the US is God’s way of casting that idol down so that His church will repent and turn back to Him.

This will not be easy for many of us.

For me, it was very difficult to let America go, and to give up the hope that it could provide my children with a quality of life comparable to what I grew up with. What allowed me to take that step was finally internalizing the true meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope for the future of my children that it contains.

America, and the liberal international order which it undergirded and which many other countries benefited from (very much including Israel) was never going to last forever. However, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ WILL last forever, and it is to this Kingdom which we should look for our hope and in which we should invest our efforts.

The near future will be painful and scary, no matter who gets elected President of the US very soon. But we know how the story ends and we know what’s waiting for us at the end of the process.

May God give us all the courage and faith to let go of what is perishing and stay faithful to what is imperishable so we may enter into our promised reward!