Life under fire in Sderot

Illustration - A factory burns in Sderot after a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip in June 2014. Photo: Natan Flayer/Wikimedia Commons

Paul Calvert hears the stories of two residents, and visits an Israeli police station witnessing shelves of rockets that have been fired from Gaza.

Sderot is a very interesting city as it is on the border with Gaza. It has felt the full force of rocket attacks from Hamas terrorists inside the Gaza Strip. Recently in a 24 hour period, over 400 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Imagine the fear you would feel when the siren goes off telling you that a rocket is heading your way. In Sderot the residents have 15 seconds to find a bomb shelter.

One thing that you notice when you travel around Sderot is that it is bomb shelter city. There are bomb shelters everywhere. We went to a children’s playground and in the playground was a bomb shelter. It was made to look like a giant caterpillar but it had a purpose and that was to protect children if a rocket was to come in.

When I visited Sderot, Noam Bedein from the Sderot Media Center was the tour guide. He explained the situation in the Gaza border area and we as journalists got to ask him questions.

Noam told us that every bus stop had a bomb shelter next to it.

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