Light of the world

It is an incredible season here in Israel- so much is happening! Tuesday evening marks the beginning of “Jerusalem Day”. It was fifty years ago that the city of Jerusalem was unified as the Jordanians who had occupied the Eastern half of the city since 1948 were driven out during the Six Day War. Jerusalem, the very place that God has chosen as His eternal resting place was delivered from Islamic possession and returned to the Jewish people. And amazingly, on this incredibly significant prophetic event, not only for Israel but for the whole world, President Trump has come to Jerusalem.

The city is closed down, major highways are blocked and those who do not live in Jerusalem have been encouraged to stay away for the next two days. Please join us in praying that the President will be deeply touched as he spends time in this land so close to God’s heart. May God fill him with boldness and courage as he considers Jerusalem. It is and will be the undivided capital of Israel forever. God promised it. May the United States walk in this truth and support God’s promises and may His blessings be poured out upon America as she stands as a friend of Israel.

Next Tuesday evening marks the beginning of Shavuot or Pentecost as it is known in the Christian world. On this day, Israel remembers and celebrates the giving of the Torah 4,500 years ago on Mt. Sinai. It was a blessed inheritance that makes up the first five books of your Bible. Yet it is in no way complete without the other supernatural event that occurred on this same Feast Day two thousand years ago. The Holy Spirt was poured out as tongues of fire upon the small group of Jewish believers who had gathered together in Jerusalem to celebrate Shavuot. Nothing has been the same since!

The fire has continued to spread and now there are an ever increasing number of people in the world, Jew and Gentile who are filled with God’s Spirit and who have the law written on their hearts. With the power of the Holy Spirit living in us, we are being called to boldly go forth, make disciples of all men and prepare the way for the return of our Lord.

In Israel, we are still a small number but God is on the move! For me personally and because all I have gone through in my health battle, I have been filled with a new passion to share Yeshua wherever I go and to pray for people. As we allow the love of God to overflow from us onto the nonbelievers that surround us, amazing things happen!

Jackie and I were in a restaurant several weeks ago. At the table next to us was a religious couple with their 27 year old son. I started speaking to them about the new restaurant and the food and the conversation quickly moved to our testimony. The connection was very warm and friendly and we freely shared our faith in Yeshua. As we were leaving, I told them we wanted to invite them for dinner. Several days later I called them, invited them for the promised meal and they came! The night was blessed, we spoke of life and God and at the end of the evening, we prayed for the father who had serious health issues. They left declaring that they had never felt such love! I have spoken with them several times on the phone and we are planning another meal. We also had a deep connection with their son and have met him again and in fact he has come two times to our home meeting! Please pray for M, R and A. God is touching their hearts, they are hearing the good news of the Gospel and most importantly, they are feeling God’s love as we spend time together. Join us in declaring that they are coming home to their Messiah!

We did the same thing the following week and spent a wonderful time talking to another religious couple sitting next to us in the same restaurant. That evening we also shared with the cook and the owner. A few days later, we spent at least 45 minutes in a wonderful conversation with another religious young man outside of the supermarket. God has given each of us His light, not to put a basket over it but to let it shine forth from us wherever we go. People are truly hungry for the truth.

It is our prayer that each one of us will be bold and share the life we carry with those God puts in front of us. One plants! Another waters! God WILL bring the increase.

Yes, we are living in incredible days. As we remember the many wonders that surround us, we also give thanks for all of you who are standing with us. We are forever grateful for your prayers, love and ongoing support. Together as we celebrate these wonderful holidays, may our eyes be fixed on God’s faithfulness to us in the past, in the days we are now living and in all that we will see in the coming years.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, May 23, 2017, and reposted with permission.