Like Noah in His Generation

Artwork by Elhanan ben-Avraham

With each passing day I feel more and more like Noah in his generation. The corrupted waters have risen quickly, the unthinkable in my youth has now become commonplace. That which once drew outrage brings hardly a yawn, and is even promoted as good.

The great nation of Liberty has become licentious, becoming the world’s greatest provider of hardcore porn, and the young generation is taught in the institutions of learning to mock the Bible, and Christians and Jews are deemed archaic, become targets of ridicule and hatred. A nation with the right to bear arms has sadly now become licensed to hunt their fellow Americans. And the ancient specter of anti-Semitism once again raises its murderous head. There no longer remains a firm standard of measurement for right and wrong, good or evil. Reality has become a whirlwind of Relativity, subjective as one’s own personal feelings and appetites. But for the salty grains of a remnant, the Throne is not laid vacant, as much of the salt has turned to sugar.

Of course our understandings of the Bible may vary greatly, but some things are not open to interpretation other than their plain reading. As Bob Dylan once put it, “If something isn’t right, it’s wrong.” Yes, there are some criminals who are quite intelligent and smile and are very nice and kind to their friends and families and pets, but are yet criminals. I believe that the way one lives one’s own life has a major impact upon their policies and what will impact the lives of others. Today a man who is married to a man is a front runner for the esteemed and responsible position of president of the USA. But the misuse of the clear design of the plumbing, designed presumably by God for the purpose of reproduction of life, is a perversion of intent and nature, the distortion of the very image of God. Men extracting the reproductive fluids from each other, or depositing it in the place intended for excrement, cannot be called a sacrament, though a focused LGBTQ extremist agenda is forcing themselves upon Christians, churches, schools, the Boy Scouts, and causing confusion and chaos for an entire young generation. Not all the folks in Sodom were mean and nasty, I am almost certain.

But alas, these are the very best of times for many of us in the West of much discontent, affording comforts and pleasures and possibilities in abundance undreamed-of in any previous generation. But for many around the planet these are not at all the best of times as roving gangs of Islamic radicals slaughter non-Muslims, and communist squads search out and arrest Christians and other minorities deemed anti-communist. And other perennially unhappy Islamist regimes make war on themselves, chanting death and fear and threatening nuclear destruction to their other enemies.

But never mind. The ark is constructed and seaworthy, and the chasm has widened where the thrashing hordes cannot hear our voice, though we shout. It remains now only to gather the willing wildlife aboard.