LISTEN: John 20: Resurrection community of grace

The resurrection creates a community. The summary of community life is that it has one heart and soul. God is always looking for a people to inhabit and to glorify Himself through. In our passage the disciples hid for fear of the Jews, but no Jews were after them! They had locked the door, and Jesus walked in saying, “Peace to you! Shalom!” This peace is a divine revelation. We don’t have to live in fear. Sin destroys the witness of the resurrection. Jesus is very compassionate on sinners but hard on the sin itself. Jesus came bringing healing and destroy the works of the devil. The goal of the community should be to walk the way that Jesus walked, a community of compassion; great grace was upon them. There must be a response to grace.

Readings: Acts 4:32-35, 1 John 1:1-10, John 20:19-31