LISTEN: Matthew 15 – Perseverance moves God’s heart

"The Woman of Canaan" by Michael Angelo Immenraet (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Rev. David Pileggi, in focusing in on the Canaanite woman, describes Jesus, when He meets a non-Jewish woman who understands that He is the Son of David. When people call upon Jesus as the Son of David they do so out of desperation. She comes in the context of worship, calling him Lord, a term of great respect and honour. The disciples urge him to send her away. She kneels down before the Lord in honour and respect. God can always be persuaded; for example with Moses ‘argument’ about the Children of Israel. Does this woman know Psalm 67? All the nations will come into God’s blessings. Jesus reminds her that He is sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. This is a reflection on the leadership not the sheep, led astray by poor leadership. She replies, and touches his heart; and He says, “Your faith has accomplished what you have asked for.” Perseverance makes up for many weaknesses and it is this that Jesus commends her for. Faith requires risky, total obedience. Every blessing is available to us in Jesus the Messiah.

Readings: Psalm 67  •  Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32  • Matthew 15: 10: 28