LISTEN: The History of Christian Support for Israel

From a rooftop, Jerusalemites watch an Evangelical Christian parade in support of Israel; a marcher carries a flag with a Star of David and a lion. (Photo Credit AP/Kevin Frayer)

Christian support for Israel is not a new phenomenon – it is as old as the history of the Christian faith, going back to the New Testament. It can be found in the many streams of Christianity throughout history and in particular, it is strongly represented in the historic revival movements. 

In this lecture Dr. Bühler defines the basis for Christian support of the Jews and their common hope of the establishing of the State of Israel throughout the centuries.

This talk was given on April 2014 as a part of a monthly Open Lecture series by the Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish StudiesThe opinions expressed in the talk are those of the speaker and may not necessarily reflect those of the Caspari Center. Visit the audio lecture archive for more talks on a range of Biblical and academic subjects.