Love thy neighbor – On the attacks at the worship concert in Jerusalem

You shall not hate your brother in your heart. You shall surely rebuke your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him. You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord. –Leviticus 19:17-18

I think it is straight forward, do you? It doesn’t leave too much room for interpretation.

The Lord commands us to love our neighbors. Now, some might say he’s referring to our Arab brothers, as they are surrounding our small country all around our borders. But, how then shall we feel, if I told you that the day shall come, when we are to love our own? And not bear any grudge against the children of your own people?

As a Sabra, a native born Israeli to a Yemenite father and an Egyptian-Libyan mother, always living in the land, never did I think that I would have to protect myself and my family from protests of other Jews in the land.

For 15 years I’ve been conducting and producing events, and though there have been some resistance and protests by our Jewish brothers (the extremists of course), it had never escalated this much.

Last Thursday, a private event was held on a private property in the center of Jerusalem. My family and I purchased tickets to partake in a concert. I came straight from the office, met with my family and started walking towards the place where the concert was held.

As we were approaching the hall, we heard a strident sound, extremely hurting our ears. My daughter who was healed from hearing problems at a young age could not bear the pain. As we came downstairs there was a mob with whistles in their mouth trying to disrupt the guests and partakers of the event, holding big signs and preventing people from entering the hall.

Having the experience that I do with large events (much bigger than this one), I quickly sent my daughter inside and ran to help to the producers. One of them then took of her production badge and gave it to me so I could help. I ran back outside, only to find the protestors, members of an orthodox organization called “Lehava” pushing, hurting and even hitting not only the organizers and owners of the hall, but also people who were just passing through (the hall is inside a business and shopping building).

Though in Israel you have the legal right for free speech and protesting (as set in the Supreme Court precedent in Kol-Ha’am verdict), the respected judge Agranat set the existence of the freedom of speech as an essential component of a democracy, and set it as an obligating legal right in Israel directly from its democratic structure. The right is now included in the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty (5752 – 1992), though not specifically written, it is derived from the basic law. In any case, the law though allowing the freedom of speech also states clearly that you are not to violate the life, body or dignity of a human being… (sec. 2 to the law).

What the protestors were doing was mainly because they are against Jews assimilating. They hate seeing Jews and gentiles together. The Lehava organization website openly states their demonic plans and ways to disrupts and destroy any event that includes Jews “assimilating” with Arabs, gentiles, and any other form of Jews gatherings with anyone else other than Jews.

The difference this time they protested versus other times in the past, was the fact they use children and youth to be a barrier between them and us and/or between them and the security forces. Because in that way, they are protected, since you are not allowed to “touch” minors or you will be facing legal consequences.

That night they have hurt us and others in so many ways, one of which was throwing frogs (yes, living frogs) at us. So, not only they are hurting Jews, gentiles and just, well, people, they were also breaking the law by hurting innocent animals (also forbidden by law in Israel).

The thing that astounds me the most, is that whilst “keeping the Torah” they are breaking the law. Even their leader was trying to calm them down, and told them not to touch us, but rather to demonstrate legally, but no success. They were enraged with fire in their eyes, and what I saw as a Jew, is sad. My own people was looking to hurt me.

While everyone is worried about Iran, Syria and other nations and terrorist groups, they are overlooking the terrorists within us. Our own people looking to destroy us in the cover of “saving the Jewish people”, because in their eyes, we are lost.

One of the main reasons I am in law is because I am fed up with the power the orthodox have in this country. The police “can’t do anything”, the army “can’t do anything”, and even our security forces are paralyzed in front of them.

I think there is one thing we can learn from these organizations. Yes, your eyes are seeing right. We can learn to be united like they are, having a united front is the best thing we can have these days. No matter what theology you’re believing, what “stream” you are from as a believer, Jew or gentile. This is our time, and our chance to stand united in the face of the enemy.

And that is why we are calling all who want to join our new initiative (long overdue if you’re asking me) – God’s Army. Yes, that’s right. Simple but powerful. The group will be established in order to protect our own, not by might and physical strength, but rather to form a united group of believers from all over the country, and even the world, to stand united against Satan. These are the last days, and we are called to be united and shine.

If you are a local, join our FB group – God’s army. If you are outside of Israel, join us in prayer. Support us however you can. We will notify on the FB page on events and call for volunteers to attend and assist us in protecting our own. Because let’s face it, if God is with us who can be against us?