Maccabee – Let there be light!


The Hebrew “Maccabee” מכבי is an acronym made up of four letters taken from the Torah’s Song of Moses: “Mi Kamocha B’elim YHVH“: “Who is like unto you among the idols, O YHVH.”

As Jerusalem was being filled with Greek gods of idolatry, a band of zealots arose to drive out the idolatry from Jerusalem- and succeeded! Perhaps we are the Maccabees of our day. Happy Hanukkah!

The only “people called by my name” are the Jewish people, as the word from which Jew is taken- Yehuda- is the only word in the Bible that contains the entire name of YHVH (plus the letter ‘dalet’). Non-Jews are therefore grafted in to the hope of Israel by the King of the Jews, the lion from the tribe of Judah, who kept the festival of Hanukkah (John 10:22).