Major Christian denominations are still boycotting Israel

Illustrative image - BDS activists protesting against Israel (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

I will bless those who bless you and curse those who make light of you. – Genesis 12:3

Last week in the USA, the Uniting Church of Christ announced officially that they will boycott Israel, thus aligning themselves with the so called “Palestinians.” In doing so they join a growing list of denominations including the United Methodist and Presbyterian Church USA, who have made the same anti-Semitic decision. This is just a few of them – United Methodist Church USA – Presbyterian Church USA – British Methodist Church – United Church of Canada – South African Council of Churches – Malaysia Council of Churches – Church of Sweden – World Council of Churches Central Committee . Most of these same churches are in serious error in other key issues and have compromised the truth, many of them condoning homosexuality in their pews and in their leadership. One has to ask the following questions – what Bible do they read, and which god are they really serving? How can they be serving the God of the Bible?

In taking this seriously erroneous anti-Semitic stand, these ‘Christian’ denominations join the secular world in appeasing the Muslims in their absolute hatred of Israel. In doing so they are opposing all that YHVH is doing in Israel and the world today, in preparation to reestablish His Kingdom on the Earth (in Jerusalem). How can anyone who reads the Bible, and claims to be a ‘Believer,’ make such a grave mistake? Israel is mentioned in the Bible 2591 times and the word Palestine is only mentioned once. Actually the name Palestine is a mistranslation of Joel 3:4, where the Hebrew word Plesheth has been translated as “Palestine” in many of the English Bibles. This is incorrect as the correct interpretation of the word Strongs # 6429 Plesheth (pel-eh’-sheth) is Philistia or Philistine – a region of Syria: The Arab people who are now being referred to as the “Palestinians” are NOT the descendants of the Philistines (who originated in southern Europe), but they are being driven to destroy Israel by the same wicked spirit.

The Bible tells us that the Philistines were always the arch enemies of Israel. Anyone who is an enemy of Israel, is by default an enemy of the God of the Bible who calls Himself the God of Israel. Thus in electing to stand with the Palestinian cause, which by their own admission is nothing short of the total destruction of the Jewish state, and opposing Israel’s defense of her right to legally occupy all of the territory given by YHVH to Abraham and his descendants, these professing Christians are actually fighting against GOD. And by standing against Israel, they are taking Israel lightly or of little importance and bringing their organisations under a curse, as we read in Genesis 12:3.

I am extremely concerned for the eternal consequences of the people responsible for this Satanic-inspired decision, and for the many hundreds of thousands of members of their denominations, who are obviously sitting under Replacement Theology teachings. These people are setting themselves against the Lord and His Anointed One (Psalm 2:1-2 ). However, I am even more concerned for the millions of unsaved Jewish people who need to accept Yeshua but already have a deep distrust of anything to do with Christianity because of the 2000 years of anti-Semitism that has primarily emanated from the European church. News of this action by the 2 denominations only confirms that nothing has changed in respect of the majority of the Church conspiring with the secular state, and the Devil, against the Jewish people.

What to do about the apostate churches? Of course we should pray that the Holy Spirit will draw them to repentance. However in Revelation 18:4, we see a time when the Lord says come out of her my people. I have always been very careful not to encourage people to leave the church prematurely, as we need to be salt and light to those who are deceived. In fact, I have always encouraged disenchanted people to stay in their church until the Lord clearly shows them to leave, or until the church gets seriously off-track. Perhaps that time is getting very close now. Is it right to continue in a church where any kind of sin or un-Biblical behaviour is tolerated? Revelation 18:4 goes on to say Come out of her, My people, that you may not be partakers of her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues. (or curses).

Deception is increasing in the Body of Messiah – even the elect are falling away. If you are in a church that accepts gay members or is taking Israel lightly, then perhaps you should fast and pray and seriously and seek Divine wisdom and direction as to whether or should stay, or find a church that believes and applies the Bible.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, July 14, 2017, and reposted with permission.