MAOZ Celebrates 40 Years of Ministry in Israel

The Maoz Israel Report for September 2016 recounts the 40-year history of this pioneering Messianic Jewish ministry in Israel, founded by Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram. Many lives have been touched by Ari and Shira, as evidenced by the numerous testimonials that appear in the report.

Shira recalls how she came to Israel for a visit in October, 1967 but stayed in the Land that captured her heart. She lived in Israel for nine years as a single girl, wondering what she was doing there.

Maoz-0916-shira-sorko-ramShe met Ari on a trip to the U.S. in 1976. Ari found himself falling in love with Shira and, at the same time, began falling in love with his people and the nation of Israel.

Three months later Ari left his successful film-acting career and moved to Israel. Ari and Shira established Maoz Israel together even before they got married in February 1977.

Now 40 years later Shira feels they still have more years of strength to conquer new horizons. Shira says:

Although some people practice their faith to acquire material goods, that had  little interest to me. But I did want to use this God-given faith to see many Israelis come to know their God through Yeshua, King of the Jews.

Number ten on Ari’s list of top ten reasons why he is in Israel doing Ari Sorko-Ramwhat he does, states:

If I can help those in the Body of believers reach their destiny, I have fulfilled a great part of my destiny.

It is evident over the past 40 years that both Ari and Shira are certainly fulfilling the destiny that God has set before both of them in the Land of Israel.

See the complete anniversary issue, with pictures and all the testimonies from Messianic leaders in Israel and around the world.

Click below to watch a short video clip, in which Dennis and Colleen Rouse, pastors of Victory World Church in Atlanta, GA, congratulate Ari and Shira.