Meet Shilo Ben Hod and the SOLU group: Worship, praise and prayer ministry to “prepare the way for the Yeshua’s return”

Israeli prayer and worship ministry, SOLU, is about to celebrate its first year anniversary.

Founded by native-born Messianic Jew, Israeli Shilo Ben Hod, SOLU seeks to “build up” a highway to prepare people for Messiah’s return, according to the Book of Isaiah 40:3. The word “solu” from the Hebrew biblical command to “build up.”

“We believe the Lord is leading us to take our place as ‘a voice calling in the wilderness’ in this generation, first before Him, in the place of prayer and then before men, in order to prepare the way for revival and Yeshua’s return,” Ben Hod said.

In line with ministry’s calling, the group creates worship videos and ministers to Messianic congregations throughout Israel, as well as abroad, leading worship and ministering, essentially “building up bridges between Israel and the nations,” Ben Hod said.

Ben Hod’s music journey started at a young age. Born to a sabra (native Israeli) mother and a British father – both of whom are Jewish believers from Ma’ale Adumim – Ben Hod became interested in piano at the age of six. His mother encouraged her son to play. She bought him a piano and sent him to lessons with the condition that he practice daily. At the time, Ben Hod was not so excited about the requirement to practice every day, but now thanks his mother for her persistence and says it opened up to him a whole world of creativity.

Eventually his parents established a Messianic congregation in Ma’ale Adumim and Ben Hod wrote his first worship song at the age of 13. By age 15, he was already leading worship and writing praise songs in the congregation.

Ben Hod said initially he led worship because it was fun, but by the age of 18 – when he was serving in the Israel Defense Forces – he knew he had a calling for music, and for praise and worship.

While in the army, Ben Hod trained in computer programming and said the IDF was all-consuming, and he felt he had to put his larger “calling” on hold for the three years he served his country. However, he continued to lead worship at his parent’s congregation whenever he was home on weekends.

At that time, Ben Hod also became involved in Succat Hallel and the 24/7 ELAV youth group, run by a couple named Jon Mark and Sandra. Ben Hod eventually began leading 24-hour prayer watches and praise sessions. Many young people were being trained and discipled to know the heart of God and to worship Him with singing, praying from the scriptures and praising the Lord. And all of this was done with a vision to prepare the way for revival, ultimately Yeshua’s return to Israel.

While Ben Hod was offered a job in high-tech after his service in the IDF, he said he felt the Lord was calling to devote himself to the 24/7 prayer ministry. When he was offered a position with Succat Hallel, Ben Hod believed that it was an answer from the Lord of what he should do, and decided to sacrifice the high-tech career, which he enjoyed, and obey what the Lord was telling him

During this time, Ben Hod married Sarah – his childhood sweetheart – who was one year younger than him. The young couple traveled the world together, ministering in worship and prayer, and teaching the nations about Israel.

In an ironic twist, two years after the IDF when Ben Hod was already established in his role with Succat Hallel, he offered the same high job-tech he turned down, this time with better terms, being able to work flexible times and to work from home when he was available. “It was like the Lord saw I had given up something I loved for Him and He, in return, gave me the ability to do both,” he said.

Several years later, Shilo and Sarah became the youth leaders at Succat Hallel, in addition to serving in the Jerusalem House of Prayer movement in Jerusalem – established 14 years ago by Rick and Patricia Ridings – worshipping and helping to raise worshippers in Israel.

In 2017, Shilo and Sarah received a vision from the Lord to start a house of prayer in their own city and in 2021, the Holy Spirit stirred up their hearts again with a call to raise up “a voice calling in the wilderness.”

During the COVID pandemic, Ben Hod was able to record albums working with The Fellowship of Artists (FOA), a ministry of Maoz Israel – the artistic branch of the Messianic Jewish organization. FOA has a vision to support and produce worship music for Israelis and the nations and has supported talented Israelis with scholarships, tutoring, and access to recording facilities.

Last year, on Feb. 22, the SOLU praise and worship group was officially established, made up of Ben Hod and talented musicians who are part of Succat Hallel family.

Sarah’s younger sister Rebekah and Shilo’s brother Yedidia are part of the worship team, along with Levi, the son of Ben Hod’s youth leaders, Jon Mark and Sandra. The other group member, Nethaniel, is a native Israeli from Jerusalem.

Shilo and Sarah recently added a daughter to their growing family, which now consists of two girls and a boy. And their family ministry continues to expand as well.

SOLU continues to praise and worship the Lord. Working with FOA, the group recently recorded the album “Shuv” (“Once Again”), available on Amazon, in addition to an earlier album called “Until Today.” The group is also planning a tour in the United States in May of this year.

“Our greatest desire is to know and love the God of Israel, as revealed in the person of Yeshua, with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength by the power of the Holy Spirit, and to love those around us out of the overflow. We are seeking to do this by cultivating lifestyles of scripture based worship and prayer (with fasting!) unto intimacy first and therefore fruitful partnership with God,” said Ben Hod.

Our expectation is that through this pursuit, we will overflow with His love to those around us and help bring His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, seeing ‘all Israel’ saved and ‘hastening the day’ of His coming.”

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