Mekudeshet – Israel Betrothed to God

A Jewish betrothal ring with the engraved word "Mekudeshet"

Mekudeshet is a Hebrew word, used during the betrothal ceremony. At the peak of a Jewish wedding the groom slides the ring on the index finger of his bride, and cites, “By accepting this ring you become my exclusive [Mekudeshet] spouse according to the religion [or customs] of Moses and Israel.” The word Kadosh (holy) is derived from the same root, and so this blessing literally means: you are exclusively mine, holy and separated unto me.

Strangely enough, a demonic festival started this week in Jerusalem, which is using this word as its title. This festival is called, “Mekudeshet”, and will go on for three weeks. The festival brings together Israeli and international artists, in a shuddering presentation of terms and activities that mix Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and witchcraft. One of the main events is advertised as an experiment in alternative realities, called “Seven ways to dissolve boundaries.” The organizers do not give too much information about these seven ways, and boldly declare that the details will remain a secret, until the event gets on its way.

The formal goal of the festival: to convey the message that Jerusalem is, even if only for a brief moment, the capital of a united voice calling for tolerance, endurance and collaboration. Click here is to view the English website of the festival.

Allegedly, this is all about music and art. However, one of the international artists performing is described as a “Prophet,” with the added promise that he will bewitch the location [David’s tower in this case] with his best music. Another artist is called a “High Priest.” One of the bands is promoted as a collaboration of a “Priest” and a “goddess.” Some of the events are called “Confessions” and “Forgiveness.” The festival will take place in 12 locations around Jerusalem, and one of them will be a common Prayer House, called “Amen.” This is clearly a sacramental festival, with liturgy and clergymen, not just a celebration of arts and drama.

“How do you want us to pray for your lost widow during this festival?” I asked God this morning, as I kept reading about it.

I was thinking about Israel, being so tired of her isolation and loneliness, having to always take care of herself by her herself. She so much wants to be loved and embraced, which is why we are so easily lured into false relationships. For three weeks Jerusalem is going to enjoy music and tours and lights and arts, thinking she is being Mekudeshet again, not realizing someone is covering her eyes with a thick veil. Once more we are building a relationship with the surrounding foreign gods.

We know that soon God will reveal the Jewish Face of the Messiah to His Jewish bride, but prior to that she will willingly give her very heart, her Capital, to a foreign groom, who is about to set a foreign ring on her finger and toss her around. She will allow that false groom, who will pretend to love her, to empty the content of ancient holy words, such as prophet, high priest and forgiveness, and fill them with a hollow and petrifying meaning.

A widow or a bride?

I am praying…

For a spirit of discernment to be poured upon our nation, especially upon our leaders and artists. We are now in the month of Elul, known also as the month of Compassion and Selihoth (repentance and forgiveness), or “the Days of Awe.” The nation usually prepares her heart during this month towards the sacred day of Atonement (October 11). During this month we should turn our faces towards heaven, but instead we are numbing our souls with a colorful celebration, though fascinating and energetic. Instead of seeking the Face of our High Priest, we devote ourselves willingly (and even pay high entrance fees) to foreign rhythms.

That we will understand the difference between true and false prophets and priests. That we will seek the Truth, and will have a deep assurance that our true Groom is not the one Islam or other religions worship.

For a deep yearning in our hearts for a living relationship with our God. That we will be able to see behind that thick veil which is blinding our eyes.

That we will not harlot ourselves in exchange for free love, and will not become anybody else’s Mekudeshet, but will yearn only for the hands of the one who has been pierced on our behalf.

Homeland, You are Mekudeshet / a song by Avraham Stern*

Homeland, You are Mekudeshet unto me
[meaning: you will become my exclusive spouse]
.according to the customs of Moses and Israel

,A bending handmaiden, collapsing and lost
.I am your Husband and Redeemer
And those who devoured and swallowed you up will be far away
[quoting Isa. 49:19]
.in my life, and in my death

;I will lodge my head among your mountains
.You will forever live in my blood
,My heart is anxious for you now – a queen
.my mouth speaks your glory

Homeland, You are Mekudeshet unto me
.according to the customs of Moses and Israel

* Avraham Stern (alias Yair, 1907–1942) founded in 1940 a militant Zionist group named Lehi, a Hebrew acronym that means Fighters for the Freedom of Israel. He rejected collaboration with the British, who were the rulers here at that time, and claimed that only a continuing struggle against them would lead eventually to an independent Jewish state and resolve the Jewish situation in the Diaspora.

He took a radical position against their imperialism. His actions were controversial, which caused him to go underground. He was eventually found hiding in Tel Aviv, and was shot to death. Left behind a wife, who was pregnant with their only child.

Stern was a poet, and wrote many songs. The one above, written in 1933, describes in almost a  manner what is happening right now in Jerusalem.

Click here to listen to the song in Hebrew.

This article originally appeared on Ot OoMofet Ministries, September 12, 2016, and reposted with permission.