Israeli Messianic Believer Develops New Cellphone Case

Aviel Yahav, a young Israeli Messianic Jew, has developed an innovative product called the Guardian Phone case, designed with special micro-suction material to hold your cell phone securely in place.

Aviel, a 27 year old who served as an officer in the IDF, has a first degree in IT management and is soon starting an MBA at Ben Gurion University. He has now developed a product called Guardian Phone case, designed to protect the iPhone 6 from damage.

The product is a 100% leather case uniquely fitted with special micro-suction material to hold the phone securely in place while allowing for it to be easily taken out and put back in.

Aviel, who lives with his wife and their baby daughter in the South of Israel near Beersheva, shares: “My wife Shiriel and I heard about the micro suction material about a year ago. I realized it could be used in solving the problem of plastic phone cases that don’t give adequate protection and are cheap looking and unattractive.”

The Yahavs did some market research and discovered there was interest in their idea. Aviel reflects: “I believe we need to create places for believers to work and to develop more believing entrepreneurship in Israel: We decided to start a business producing and selling the Guardian case.”cellphone-case-in-pocket

Aviel continues: “We then got a designer and some people who worked on our concept– and we now have a marketable product.”

The Yahavs put their own money into the product development stage. Aviel’s advice to those with a great idea for business but no experience or capital is: “Try to work for another company so as to gain experience. Try to build up savings so that you have a good basis for starting a new company. You may not succeed at the first attempt, and it costs money, but you can learn from trying.” Aviel further reminds that believers can seek entrepreneurial advice and help from the First Fruits Center for Economic Advancement in Israel. “First Fruits, a local Messianic marketplace ministry, runs a 6-month annual business course and helps connect local Israeli entrepreneurs with international investors,” he counsels.

However, Aviel also attests that beGaurdianCaseStartlievers may be able to raise money for business through crowd funding: “We have just started a 60 day campaign on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. We hope to raise the $30,000 we need to begin the full-scale production of an initial 1000 Guardian cases for the iPhone 6. We have a number of clients already interested in purchasing our product and are looking forward to filling their orders.”

At the time of writing the Yahavs had raised over $5200 in their first six days on Indiegogo.

All this sounds like it is just the beginning. Aviel states, “If we are successful, we plan to develop a variety of leather models to protect items like iPads, laptops and other brands of smart phone as well.”

As the Guardian team prepares to enter the business world with their innovative product, it may be that others in the believing community in Israel will be encouraged and strengthened to bring their own talents to the Israeli marketplace.