Messianic children’s music becomes a means of sharing the gospel

Photo courtesy Moaz Israel

A children’s album produced by Maoz Israel Ministries has opened the door to be more than a tool to teach children Bible stories, but has become a means of sharing the Gospel with non-believers who are involved in the project.

Released a year ago, the CD, You are Special (Meuhad Atta), is still producing ripple effects throughout Israel. With an ensemble of Messianic and non-believing Jewish children, the songs are provoking curiosity about Yeshua from listeners as well as the project’s participants, Tanya Kadin, composer and worship leader at Tiferet Yeshua, told Kehila News Israel (KNI).

“I am sure they have conversations with their parents about all the biblical topics in the songs,” Kadin told KNI. “Out of their curiosity they are talking about these things with their parents and asking questions.”

A collaboration by believers from different congregations, the recording came about when Hadassa Natali Shechtman, a children’s pastor at Beit Immanuel congregation in Jaffa, approached Kadin with lyrics she had written about several Bible stories. Shechtman suggested putting them to music in order to be used as a tool for Bible teachers.

“I looked at the text and I connected with it immediately,” Kadin recalled.

Kadin, along with her husband Roman, composed and arranged the music and the album began to take shape.

Maoz Israel, of whose founders Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram also founded Congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv, now led by Gil and Tamar Afriat, raised money for the recording. Seven Israeli musicians, and producer Jamie Hilsden, came together to record in a studio. And Kadin, who also conducts a children’s choir at the local community center, recruited talented singers. Being a believer was not a requirement.

In fact, of the seven girls who sing on the recording three are from non-believing families.

“We told the parents that some of the songs are about Yeshua,” Kadin said. “Now we found ourselves with two girls that made aliyah from Russia and the Ukraine and they are performing while their parents are in the audience. The parents were asking questions and one has started coming to a course where they teach new believers. They are asking, ‘Who are Messianic believers?’ They are more open now.”

The songs on the CD tell various stories from the Bible through different musical styles making the Word accessible to the children. The title itself, You are Special, refers to both God and every child who listens, Kadin said.

Though the ensemble is still performing songs from at various congregations and conferences around Israel, a new recording is now in the works with a few songs already written and studio work underway. The singers meet weekly with Kadin to practice and to learn the new music.

“Every week, the kids are learning something new during these meetings,” Kadin explained.

While continuing to work on the children’s songs, manage the band and conduct her choir, Kadin is also working on her own project, a musical portrait of the Book of Revelation.

Click here to purchase the disk or to listen to music samples from You are Special.