Messianic couple rescued from burning building in Haifa

Oded and Veronica
Oded and Veronica

“The Lord will keep you from all harm. He will watch over your life.” Psalm 121:7


A Messianic couple in their early twenties were rescued by firefighters, escaping their apartment through the window after their building caught on fire on Shabbat.

The couple, Oded and Veronica, who live in an apartment one floor above where the fire originated, were rescued when firefighters responded to the fire at the Haifa building at 4 a.m.

“We woke up to our neighbors screaming ‘wake up, wake up,’ and ‘there are more people in the building,’” Veronica said. “Somehow my husband stayed calm.”

A few minutes later, a firefighter came to their apartment.

“‘I’m getting you out of here,’ he said and directed us to wait in the bathroom where there was no smoke,” Veronica recalled. “‘Don’t scream or panic, I will soon be back,’ he said. The firefighters outside brought a ladder up to our window. He then cut our clotheslines and carried us out on the ladder.”

Their apartment was engulfed in smoke after a neighbor fell asleep with a lit cigarette and started the fire. Veronica thanked God that all the residents got out in time.

“It’s a miracle. God saved our lives. I just want to praise Yeshua that we survived,” she said.

A 60-year-old neighbor who remained asleep during the fire was rescued after the wife of the Messianic couple told firefighters where she lived. She initially didn’t respond to firefighters who tried knocking on her door. The woman was evacuated to the hospital for smoke inhalation, while the Messianic couple were treated at the scene.

“We refused to go to the hospital. We understood that we had been saved through a miracle,” Veronica said.

They went to their Messianic congregation on the same Sabbath morning and spent the following night with family. The couple followed up with a doctors earlier this week and got a clean bill of health.

The apartment in which the fire originated was totally destroyed and the man who had fallen asleep with the cigarette was turned over to social services.

“Our apartment wasn’t damaged at all. Our electric cabinet still works. The only sign left from the fire is the footprints of the firefighter,” Veronica said. “Yeshua saved my life, my husband’s life and my neighbors’ lives.”

Veronica admitted, though, that she was still in shock over the incident.

“I would be very thankful for your prayers,” she said. “Although, I must say, just giving this interview helped me feel a lot better.”

The Haifa fire department said this was the second Sabbath in a row that a fire erupted in an apartment building and stressed the importance of installing smoke detectors.

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