Messianic Internet TV: Links Israel and the World.


The Messianic “movement “ has surged worldwide. Communities, assemblies and adherents have connected in ways that would have been time-consuming and difficult just a few decades ago. Today Internet TV has gone from being considered a failure to being the most rapidly spreading digital medium available today.  In comparison you need only see how we went from cell phones to smartphones and the astounding number of apps being available. Not by coincidence, many successful apps are developed in Israel, “Start-Up Nation”.

Internet TV has been able to spread Torah teaching, connect followers via chatrooms, forums, and now social media pages. New Facebook pages for online questions, Scripture study and gathering assemblies in one geographic place have made this age-old concept of reviving the first assemblies of Messiah’s followers possible.

Today ITV makes available Torah Study, teaching and worship activities for persons in isolated locations possible. One of the more unique organizations is and  In the words of Dr. Anne Davis: “The Bible Learning University (BLU) is sponsored by BibleInteract, a growing fellowship of Bible scholars and biblical archaeologists who share their ongoing research in biblical studies. Our teachers come from different denominations but they all share a passion for Scripture and believe in the inspiration of the Word of God.”

“A New Approach: The Bible Learning University views Scripture as one unified message, not two separate testaments. We perceive the Hebraic nature of the New Testament and pursue a first century approach to searching the Scriptures that uncovers a depth of meaning.”

What makes BibleInteract so interesting is its outright “trans-denominational” status of teaching the ancient methods of Scripture study. Members and students are in all Christian denominations, Jews and others who seek to revive the assembly of the 1st century are gathering online to look at the Hebrew Scriptures and the Apostolic  as a continuous document. Scripture study prior to the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE was a community effort and only after the events of 70 CE did a new role for the rabbi emerge as congregation leader with a more formalized type of liturgy. Today’s Rabbinical Judaism mirrors other faiths with a designated clergy and differing roles for the congregation. In Christian groups formal education and doctrine have supplanted discussion and community prayer.

The “reunification” of the Bible and an independent, Divinely inspired and interrelated document of instruction is the core mission of this group. Its teachers come from many walks and backgrounds. The Messianic “restoration” itself includes former mainstream Protestant ministers and pastors, Rabbis, academics and others with intense personal scholarship backgrounds. One teacher, Rico Cortes, was a minor league baseball player and scout.

BibleInteract has regular connection, contacts in  and study tours of Israel. An annual Conference for Women is held and will feature in 2016 Nonie Darwish. The connections established by dual presence in America and Israel enables BibleInteract connect with Messianics, Hebrew Roots followers, those searching for foundation in Scripture not found in their present church and those in Israel who share these beliefs. The cooperation they foster, the relationships established and doors opened  all develop and increased awareness of the critical position of Israel to supporting the Kingdom of God on earth as it was brought by the Messiah.

Through its efforts to teach a first century perspective of Bible study and teach that Hebrew as a language that is fundamental to learning to understand Scripture, BibleInteract has changed the way Biblical study can be conducted. By offering college degrees, certificate courses and self-study materials the ITV Channel is able to connect those who seek a Messianic foundation. Broadcasting from Israel, conducting tours led by faculty and developing and networking with congregations and assemblies are among activities the University and ITV Channel maintains energetically.

The Bible as translated into the various languages underwent variations of interpretation as Western thought penetrated and then dominated church writing. The mutual parting of the post Temple synagogue and gentile Church harmed both in serious ways. The breach is slowly being closed by Messianic media such as BibleInteract with work being done in America and Israel.