Messianic Israeli Business and the “Ripple Effect”

Each passing year, a growing stream of business people come to Israel in search of business and investment opportunities. Israeli creativity has produced a record-breaking lineup of must-have technologies, from microchips and mobile apps to waste-water reclamation and advanced medical equipment.

As followers of Yeshua, we know Israel’s business success is not merely the fruit of human ingenuity. It flows from certain promises made by the God of Israel to His people thousands of years ago. Believers with business experience are quick to discern the spiritual layers in Israel’s rise to global market leadership, which continues despite the threats of isolation and boycotts.

In the midst of these global cross-currents, the Messianic Israeli business community experiences a “ripple effect” that amplifies both sides of the Israeli experience: God’s favor versus spiritual opposition. The high percentage of immigrants and marginalized sub-groups within the local Body is evidence of God’s miraculous restoration of His people and His weaving of the “one new man”. It is also a source of burden: economic, language and cultural gaps that put local believers at a disadvantage in the marketplace.

Further, Israeli believers face unique challenges in establishing and running a business, simply because of our open declaration of Yeshua as the Messiah. Here the “ripple effect” comes from many directions simultaneously. While trying to keep up with the highly competitive local market, we face discrimination by those who try to hinder our business activities. Besides the typical obstacles Israelis must overcome in international commerce, we believers are also committed to standards of integrity which are often considered naïve and self-defeating by the world. Sometimes dealing with local authorities who are hostile to Messianic faith leads to extended (and costly) battles for our rights, which must be resolved in the courts.

In short, Israeli believers in business – whether Jewish or Arab, Western or Middle Eastern, prosperous or disadvantaged – must learn to count on God’s faithfulness to open doors that seem closed.

Often God chooses to use the body of Messiah worldwide to supply the needed resources and encouragement so that their Israeli brothers and sisters can stand firm, holding onto His promises until the doors of opportunity swing open.

This is the purpose of the Israel Business Forum: to give business-minded believers from abroad an opportunity to team up with the Israeli Messianic business community, and become a partner in these victories.

We all profit when we work together as one Body. The ROI (Return on Investment) is expressed in both material and spiritual currencies: fruitful partnerships, tangible dividends and lifelong relationships with the Israeli Body. And yet, as the apostle Paul prophesied (Rom.11:12), the long-term “ripple effect” is still to come: increasing authority, influence and true wealth for the Body of Messiah worldwide.

When you attend the Forum, you will meet over 100 local Israeli Messianic and Arab-Christian entrepreneurs. You will also rub shoulders with Israeli government leaders, angel groups, venture capital firms, and start-up companies. You will participate in an investment process with a gratifying “ripple effect” of its own.

By stimulating business growth among local entrepreneurs and companies through coaching and networking, lending and investment, you help to build a sustainable core of business activity which will impact the country, just as the country is impacting the world. You are also investing in Israel’s spiritual “startup community” which is destined to guide the nation to its ultimate restoration as God’s holy people.

Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to connect with the Messianic Israeli business community. Your involvement will produce results over and over, for Israel and for your own community, now and in the future.

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