Messianic Pastor in Jerusalem Scheduled For Brain Surgery Tomorrow

eddie and jackie santoro

The Messianic Pastor of Congregation Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem, Eddie Santoro, was recently diagnosed with a tumor on the left side of his brain. He entered the hospital today, and the surgery is scheduled to take place Tuesday,  August 11, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. (postponed from Monday, August 10) to remove the tumor.

As the community (kehila) of faith, both in Israel and around the world, we stand in prayer and agreement with Eddie and Jackie in accordance with his prayer requests written below. Whether you know Eddie personally or not, we encourage you to pray and to write notes of encouragements in the comments sections following the re-posting of Eddie and Jackie’s last two email updates.

Zion’s Glory Update
August 7, 2015

This is an unusual update. Its about me!

Over the past several months I have been feeling an increasing discomfort in my head. It has been marked by some pain and an increasing tendency to forget known words in English and Hebrew. Finally after a particularly difficult day this past Wednesday, we decided to go to the hospital and have some tests.

In short, I was admitted to the hospital and the chief neurological surgeon informed us that the tests showed a tumor located on the left side of my brain. His opinion was that it was very aggressive and needed to be removed at once. He also thought that it was probably cancerous although that would only be confirmed in a biopsy after the operation.

Jackie and I both felt that this was the right direction and so they send us home to rest for a few days. On Sunday morning I will be admitted to the hospital for preparation and the actual surgery will take place on Monday.

At this time we really need your prayers! Some specific areas of concentration are:

1. That the operation would be successful. It is very complex and is supposed to take around five hours.

2. The surgeon warned us that three minimal but primary dangers are infection, post operational bleeding and a temporary loss of speech and memory which in almost all cases returns to normal after a period. Please join us in praying against these things and for a complete success.

3. Pray that the tests on the tumor cells will be negative regarding cancer.

4. Pray for Jackie. Obviously this will be a very challenging and difficult time for her. Pray that God will give all the grace that she so desperatly needs in the coming days. 

5. Please also pray for our son Evan, Iris and their 3 young children. We are wonderfully close to them and the coming days are very difficult for them as well. 

Jackie will be sending you very brief updates to keep you informed on the unfolding progress and challenge before us.

In conclusion I want to praise God for His victory in our life. Once again we believe we will see the power of His love and resurrection manifest in the challenging days before us. We also have been greatly blessed by the huge and loving response of support from brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Thank you so much for being a part of His magnificent power that is being poured out on our behalf at this time.

We deeply appreciate your love and concern.

With Love from Zion,

Eddie and Jackie

Zion’s Glory Update
August 9, 2015

We want to thank you, thank you and thank you again. In all of our nearly forty years in the Lord we have never received such a response. For three days we have been inundated with phone calls, with text messages and letters from friends and from people we have never met. It has been a blessing and an encouragement that has helped and empowered us beyond anything we have ever known. Obviously we can’t answer each one but we read each one and are very grateful for each of you.Yesterday we went to Congregation Ahavat Yeshua where I serve as pastor to receive prayer from our brothers and sisters. As we entered the meeting, we were surrounded and greeted with tears and wonderful words. After a powerful time of worship, I was invited to come forward to share our situation. I gave a brief report of the challenge before us and then the congregation came forward in incredible love and faith to pray for us.At one amazing point, my body was lifted up before the Lord to receive the grace I need for the coming days. It was powerful, it was effective and the heavy presence of the Lord impacted the entire congregation. We left right after to spend the remainder of the day soaking before the Lord and sharing a very special time with our son and his family.

Receiving Grace During Prayer



A Few Important Details
The next forty-eight hours are critical and we ask that you continue in mighty and powerful prayer. Tomorrow, Sunday morning, I will be admitted to Hadassah Hospital for pre-op preparation. Pray that it will all go well and according to plan.

Friends and family will be coming to join us in prayer and fellowship throughout the day.

Monday morning, I will be brought into the operating room. Doctor Shoshan, the head of the neurological department will be the primary surgeon. Please pray for the skill of his hands and clarity of mind (and those of anyone else who may be involved) as he carries out and oversees the projected five hour operation. Brain surgery is very complicated. Please pray that there will be no damage to my brain, no bleeding and no infection.

Pray for Jackie and our son Evan as they wait for the results of the surgery. Other friends will be coming during this time to support them and pray and intercede.

Again, we thank you for your amazing love and support. We believe that together we will see this attack of the enemy against me stopped. By His death and resurrection, the work of the enemy is destroyed and by His stripes I am healed.

Jackie will send you a post operation report ASAP.

With Love from Zion,

Eddie and Jackie