Messianic Pastor Eddie Santoro’s Post Operation Report

We thank you and encourage you to continue to pray for Pastor Eddie Santoro. God has been faithful and hears our prayers! To read the initial report on Eddie’s surgery click here. Below is the latest update from Eddie and Jackie.

Zion’s Glory Update

August 18, 2015

Dear Faithful Friend, 
We want to thank you for your prayers, for your love and your faithfulness. Today marks the beginning of my second week of recovery. I was discharged from the hospital on Friday and have been happy to be at home.According to the surgeon, the operation was very successful. There were no complications and he succeeded in removing the whole tumor. In addition, the anesthesiologist was a believer and she was in the surgery room the entire time praying for me and holding my hand!  Let us all praise God for that great report!

I am feeling very well and gaining strength every day. I enjoy visits with people and most importantly, each visitor takes time to lay hands on us and declare the ongoing good work of the Lord within my body. 

Here are a few specific prayer needs:

1. Continued healing and strengthening of my body.  Please pray against anxiety and fear.

2. On August 26, I will be meeting with the oncologist to review the analysis of the removed tumor and the best teatment to prevent it from returning. Please pray for supernatural direction in these decisions.

3. On August 30, I will be meeting with the surgeon once again to have the steel staples removed from the left side of my head. It appears to be healing very well. Please pray that the procedure will go smoothly.

4. As I become stronger, we will again start involving ourselves in some level of daily ministry life within Congregation Ahavat Yeshua. Pray that God would give us the right timing and involvement.

5. Please pray for the amazing team of young leaders who have been filling in during our absence. 

We are so grateful for your love and support. Please keep praying and believing as God’s wonderful testimony is manifested in our life.

With Love from Zion,

Eddie and Jackie