Mighty wind all night

The Lord told Joshua that He would be with him the same way He was with Moses (Joshua 1:5). In a similar way, Yeshua told all of us that He would be with us at all times without ceasing from now until the end (Matthew 28:20). To some degree, through the Holy Spirit, the potential of these verses are applicable for you and me even today.

One of the greatest victories of Moses was the crossing of the Red Sea.  (I believe that Yeshua was also with him at that time as the Angel YHVH in the pillar of fire.) It was a situation that involved intense pressure and a possible disaster. Let’s look at the elements of this miracle to see how to apply them in our lives today.

  1. Submitting to God’s Will – God told Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Moses didn’t really want to do it or feel he was capable to handle the challenge (Exodus 3). But he submitted and obeyed. He was not doing his own will, but God’s will (Matthew 6:10; 26:39).
  2. Lift your Staff – The children of Israel were trapped at the Red Sea and screaming at Moses. The Egyptians were charging. The situation was hopeless and impossible. God told Moses to stretch out his hand over the Red Sea (Exodus 14:16). The staff symbolizes faith and authority.
  3. Blow Mighty Wind – After Moses stretched out his hand and staff, God caused a mighty wind to blow all night: “a fierce eastern wind all night” (Exodus 14:21). Wind and spirit in Hebrew are the same word, Ruach, רוח. After Moses made a step of faith, God caused a powerful spiritual wind to blow all night to open a path in the middle of the sea. God did it; not Moses. Moses believed. God brought the power and did the impossible.
  4. Lead the People Through – Now that the way was open, Moses simply led the people through the open path. God opened; Moses led; the people walked to the other side. They came to a totally new place.
  5. Destroy the Enemies – God tells Moses to lift his rod again. This time the Lord acts to destroy the enemies. Moses used the rod of faith authority to lead the people, to release the Spirit, and to destroy the enemy.

After this there was nothing left other than to sing and dance and praise the Lord. “I will sing unto YHVH for He has triumphed gloriously…” – Exodus 15:1. Halleluyah, we want to walk in the spirit of joy, praise and victory even in the midst of the most difficult situations.  

This article originally appeared on Revive Israel, February 21, 2018, and reposted with permission.