Miracle Power


It was a wonderful meeting this past Saturday. The hall was filled with over 150 people and the worship drew us into the sweet presence of the Lord. Asher shared a message on different types of faith filled prayer and the importance of praying for each other, believing for the awesome power that is loosed as we enter into prayers of faith one for another.

After the message, he invited the congregation to break into groups and to pray for each other, encouraging them to join with those who were not their close friends. Instantly everyone divided into small groups. What a joy and blessing it was as I saw their eagerness to pray for one other. For over thirty minutes the Holy Spirit was joined to the faith of many and moved powerfully in our midst.

unnamedIt is my hope that next week there will be some testimonies of the power of the Lord as it was experienced by those who entered into this special time. Please join us in praying that this freedom and life of the Spirit would only increase and become more and more consistent in our weekly meetings. We have no doubt that as God’s power is manifest that many unsaved Israelis will be drawn to our gatherings and we will see the harvest we are longing for.

In another incredible moment, towards the end of the worship, I went forward intending to ask a few people to come and pray for the challenges that Jackie and I face daily as we continue to fight the battle of health that is before us. I shared that on Tuesday I would be starting the new experimental treatment and on Wednesday I would be having another MRI. Suddenly dozens of brothers and sisters came forward, surrounding us, laid hands on us and prayed in a mighty declaration of faith. It was wonderful, encouraging and YES, the healing power of God was once again poured out upon and within me. The manifestation of so much love towards Jackie and me in Ahavat Yeshua is a sweet balm to our spirits and puts joy in our hearts.

We are continuing to pray for many unsaved Israelis who are fighting serious diseases. When we meet them at the hospital we enter into loving conversations with them and always share our faith and ask to pray for them. In the midst of crowded waiting rooms and sometimes in quiet corners, we lay our hands upon them to loose the resurrection power that lives within us. We have maintained relationship with some of them and continue to pray daily for all those that God has allowed us to touch.

The next two days will be filled with “hospital time” so please pray that we would connect with those who will be open to receiving His hope in prayer. And please join us in believing that the new treatment would be effective with no side effects and that the MRI will show my brain to be cancer free!

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, February 15, 2016.