Modern-Day Disciples in the Galilee

The Sea of Galilee, in northeast Israel, near the Golan Heights (Photo: Moshe Shai/Flash90)

Unlike the cool crisper temperatures of Jerusalem and even the humidity of Tel Aviv, the Galilee at this time of year provides a lovely, cordial atmosphere for walking and experiencing God out along the Sea of Galilee where the disciples were chosen by the Master.

One especially serene evening a few of us gentlemen (modern day disciples), some of us who were roommates four years ago, decided to have a historic reunion at the Sea of Galilee and have some time of worship and sharing.

As we looked around the room and surveyed where God has taken us in four short years, we were filled with thankfulness. Each of us is placed on the chessboard of God’s prophetic plan in a different place in life, but yet our hearts are aligned, now we’ve “grown up” as it were.

My buddy, a Jewish believer, is engaged to be married to a wonderful Jewish girl. He has become quite a successful musician traveling all over the world, along with his two brothers, but also leads tours of pastors and other projects that Israel. They are a dynamic duo!

Tonight they are leading a group of pastors from different places in the United States, who have come to meet the “living stones” of the land of Israel. So there we all were, just reminiscing and talking about the future.

My other friend Gilad Rosinger, also a Jewish believer, is now married to Maggie, a Jewish believer, and is working to bless holocaust survivors by providing a warm atmosphere of love and service, and have maintained years of trust-filled relationships with them.

They are great at what they do.

Chaim Malespin, a Jewish believer, along with his father-in-law, has now established a hospitality business/ministry in the Galilee as their “first” location, Aliyah Return Center. He is there to welcome Jewish immigrants home, according to the prophetic Scriptures, and help them become acculturated, integrated, and attached to their new identity and destiny here.

At the same time, he partners with Gentile guests/visitors, who come to fulfill their prophetic apostolic call to build relationships and cause the new Israelis to be “jealous” (Romans 11:11). They come in a capacity of “voluntourism”, which has been very successful the guesthouse.

Although Joshua Aaron was not one of my roommates he, his wife and five children have made their return (Aliyah) to the prophetic homeland, and live right near us! He is a very skilled and quite successful musician, and has been signed with Integrity Music.

His grandmother is a Holocaust survivor, and his story is just phenomenal, having even made national television. It is wonderful to hear his heart along with ours to bring groups here to Israel to show an example by cleaning this land’s streets to raise awareness to care for and love this beautiful land that God has given us. This is called the Beautiful Land Initiative.

As Joshua led us all in worship, we felt the realization that we are definitely in a new season.

We are in an era where young leaders are being raised up here in the Land, and coming together in a new unity, unprecedented in Israel, selflessly supporting promoting and blessing one another, and rediscovering that indeed, we are family.

That evening of singing and sharing was shorter then we may have wished, but it was part of the seismic paradigm shift of destiny, not only for us in that room, but for all of us in the larger family of Israel standing together for God’s purposes, in a time of turmoil all over the Middle East.

For those who wish to find out more about each of us, come join ranks or support the “boots on the ground”. Feel free to contact us.

David,; Gilad,; Chaim,; Joshua Aaron,

Blessings from the Galilee! Click on the video below and enjoy a taste of God’s goodness from the evening.

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Chaim made Aliyah from the USA in 1999, served and still serves, now as a reservist in “Yaahlom,” an elite unit of the IDF from 2005-present, graduated from IDC in Herzliya in 2013 (BA in Government), and is currently Director of the Aliyah Return Center, originating as a division of Return Ministries, Teaching and training international interns, advocacy for Israel, developing the Galilee, and much more. Chaim is also a partner in Isralandgo Ltd dealing in many international, and national business ventures, with a principal focus is to promote Israel and Nations working together for Zion’s sake. Chaim and his wife Deanna are blessed to parent a wonderful son, Matiah, and girl, Hadar. “Unconditional love, in uncompromising faith”