Murder and mayhem in ‘our’ supermarket

Tuvia Weissman (21) came home this weekend to be with his wife Yael and their baby daughter Netta. Thursday saw them out shopping at a nearby supermarket so that Tuvia could return to his military base this morning knowing his young family had everything they would need while he was away.

They may have everything they needed from the shop – but Tuvia won’t be returning to base; Yael no longer has a husband, and four-month old Netta will never again have her father.

Hearing screaming in the shop, and knowing immediately what was happening, Tuvia ran to apprehend two Arabs who had pulled out knives and started a stabbing spree – the latest in the almost daily Arab terror attacks Israelis have been subjected to since late last year. (There was a stabbing on Friday, an attempt on Saturday and another attempt this Sunday morning as I was writing this).

Sheltering Netta in another supermarket aisle, Yael waited in vain for Tuvia to come back. The unarmed man was set upon and suffered multiple stab wounds to his body. Medical personnel fought for, but could not save, his life.

It is very easy for me to picture the attack scene, even though I was not there on Thursday.

We frequently do our weekly shopping at the Rami Levi supermarket at Sha’ar Binyamin (The Gate of Benjamin) – northern boundary of the Jerusalem district in antiquity.

It’s about an hour’s drive from our home and there are plenty of places nearer, but my wife likes the clean, wide, well-stocked aisles and if we get there in the mornings early in the week it’s not crowded at all. On top of this there is always help packing the groceries at the checkout counter and pushing the trolleys to the car (a family of nine usually means two full trolleys, or shopping carts as Americans call them).

We like the fact that we are supporting the economy of the Jewish communities in the ‘occupied territories’.*

The drive out is through a north-eastern entrance to Jerusalem – Israel’s capital and largest city with nearly 800,000 residents – through the biblical Azmaveth (Hizme)** locale checkpoint that takes us to the other side of the security barrier. This is the misrepresented ‘Apartheid Wall’ (which is mostly fence) that was erected to help protect Israel’s Jews from Arabs with bombs strapped to their bodies – and has helped.

Our journey continues on via the Ramallah bypass road – Jews have to bypass Ramallah because if they accidentally enter the ‘Palestinian’ city they will be murdered – and through the (at this time of the year) velvety-green hills of the tribal allotment of Benjamin that is situated between Judah and the mountains of Ephraim.

We drive by the nearly-4000 year old Bani Israel burial mounds (graves of Jews from the time of Jacob), pass the Jewish town of Adam (named after IDF Deputy-Chief of Staff Yekutiel Adam who fell in Lebanon in 1982), then wind our way downhill to the plateau near the Arab town of Mukhmas, which preserves the name of the Hebrew town of Michmash where Jonathan and his armour-bearer routed the Philistines while a flabbergasted King Saul looked on from nearby Migron (today another Jewish ‘settlement’).

Tuvia, Yael and Netta had made their home in their ancestral land in the town of Ma’aleh Michmash. The world calls them ‘settlers’ and accuses them of occupying Arab territories. But it is Israel’s history – ancient and modern – that seeps from every hill, wadi and plateau – from the very pores of this place.

It is Israel’s land.

The stabbing, ramming intifada as it is being called – of which Tuvia Weissmann is just the latest victim – is a hate-driven, racist, globally-backed effort to force the Jews out so that the Arabs can create a new state called Palestine in Israel’s national home.

The entire world is complicit in this effort – at the forefront, President Barack Obama’s United States of America.

Thus I read with disgust the words of State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner who, while insisting that he was conveying the Obama administration’s “deepest condolences to [Tuvia’s] family and friends,” and mouthing words about condemning the attack that killed Weissman (who also had US citizenship), saying “there is no justification for terrorism,” then proceeded to call on “all sides (sic!) to reject violence and urgently take steps to restore calm, reduce tensions and bring an immediate end to the violence.”

The hypocrisy is sickening if not new.

In the administration’s view, Tuvia was an ‘illegal settler’ who simply by living in Samaria contributed to the ‘violence’ to which he fell victim.

In other words, he got what was coming to him – as do all Jewish ‘settlers’ who are murdered by Palestinian Arabs.


* Of course they are not ‘territories’, much less ‘Israeli-occupied territories’ as the media delights in labeling them. What they are today is Arab-occupied terror-tories – parts of the historical ancestral lands of Israel.

** Hizme – Archeologist William F Albright and others identified Hizme with the biblical town of Azmaveth of the tribe of Benjamin.

This article originally appeared on Jerusalem Watchman, February 21, 2016.

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Stan Goodenough
Stan has lived in Israel for half of his life even though he was born to a Gentile couple serving on the mission field in the small kingdom of Swaziland. Following three years volunteering on Israeli collective farms in the 1980s, he worked as a political reporter for the South African newspaper, The Daily Dispatch – where his pen had its training during apartheid’s waning years. He has traveled to various nations, speaking to Christians about developments in Israel. In 2011 he was accredited by the Israel Ministry of Tourism as a tour guide, and takes individuals, small groups, families, busloads and helicopter-loads of Christians around God’s Land.