Music and art in the Galilee: Sasha and Anya Poberejny

He plays the guitar, she plays the flute and ocarina, they both sing and their voices sound like an angel choir. Sasha and Anya Poberejny immigrated to Israel in the 1990s and set their home base in Karmiel, which is in the Galilee, where they believe God has called them to be.

They are an embodiment of productive team work.

The couple already have 10 recorded albums and one on the way. The albums are in Russian, Hebrew and even Portuguese and some are pleasant instrumental music.

Sasha and Anya opened a recording studio 20 years ago that serves a few local artists as well.


Sasha immigrated to Israel in 1993 and began to believe in Yeshua the Messiah.

Three years later, while traveling to visit the Ukraine, he met Anya. They married the same year, in 1996. Immediately upon Sasha’s return and the arrival of Anya in Israel they began to serve as worship leaders.

Each of them has extraordinary talent in singing, composing and playing instruments. Anya is also a painter who is inspired by the views in the Galilee. Sasha, plays instruments, composes, produces and was also trained to be a sound engineer. Liel, their only daughter, follows her mother in arts and is a talented painter. She also joins her parents singing.

Sasha still faithfully runs the recording studio that he opened 20 years ago.

He has produced albums for several local Messianic musicians as well as from abroad. Among them are Debi Figers from Arad, Tony Sperandeo from the Maayan congregation, a CD in Chinese, processing for a German CD and more.

The vision

“My vision is that through the recording studio we could help any believer in the country who wants to produce an album and be able to do so in comfortable and professional conditions,” Sasha shares with KNI. “It is a great honor and privilege to share about Yeshua in the place where he chose to spend most of his life here on earth. The Galilee is indeed a place full of inspiration.”

Click below to watch the music video for the song “Holy is the Lord of Hosts”.

Visit their website Galilee Music to listen to and purchase Sasha and Anya’s music.

Click here to listen to music by Debbie Figueras, recorded in Sasha and Anya’s studio.

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