Muslim ‘born to hate Jews’ now a zionist

Kasim Hafeez in the video "Born to hate Jews" (screenshot Youtube)

A British Muslim who once claimed that he was “born to hate Jews,” has described having a complete change of heart toward the Jewish people and Israel.

Indeed, Kasim Hafeez, for whom hating Jews had been a “way of life,” describes himself now as a “Muslim Zionist” and has founded a pro-Israel advocacy organization called The Israel Campaign.

Speaking on a five-minute video (watch below) published by an American conservative group, Prager U, Hafeez said he had been heavily influenced by extremist Muslim cleric and teachers in Britain, who taught that Muslims are in a war with the Western world – and that the West is controlled by the Jews.

Hafeez was on the verge of leaving Britain to join a Jihadi terrorist group in Pakistan when he came across a book called The Case for Israel? written by internationally renowned Jewish author and jurist, Alan Dershowitz. The book challenged the hateful dogma Hafeez had been taught.

Hafeez described, for instance, how Dershowitz revealed that it is Arab states, the United Nations and corrupt Palestinian leadership that are responsible for creating Palestinian refugees – not Israel. Moreover, in another example, Hafeez learned that the Palestinian population actually doubled in just 20 years, contrary to the accusation that Israel is engaged in a genocide against them.

Hafeez was angered at this discovery to the extent that he determined to go to Israel himself – to prove Dershowitz wrong and to show how “racist and oppressive Israel really was.”

“That’s when everything changed,” Hafeez recalls. “What I saw with my own eyes was even more challenging than what Dershowitz had written.”

“Instead of Apartheid I saw Muslim, Christians and Jews co-existing. Instead of hate, I saw acceptance and even compassion,” he said. “I saw a raucous, modern, liberal democracy – full of flaws, certainly – but fundamentally decent. I saw a country that wanted nothing more than to live in peace with its neighbors.”

In a strange twist, considering the message of reconciliation, YouTube originally categorized the video as “hate speech.” Under this initial heading the video was at first banned altogether, and later placed in a restricted category reserved for content that is considered offensive or inappropriate.

The video was among 22 videos produced by Prager U that YouTube had banned. Prager U claims it has been targeted because of its conservative views. Nevertheless, following public pressure, the video is again fully available.

Hafeez concludes with a powerful message regarding the importance of discovering the truth for oneself.

Addressing the great many who have taught to “despise the Jewish state,” Hafeez challenges them: “Do what I did, seek out the truth for yourself. If the truth can change me, it can change anyone.”