Netanyahu invites CBN News to exclusive Iran nuke briefing: ‘Fix It or Nix It’

JERUSALEM, Israel – After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exposed Iran’s atomic secrets, critics charged he revealed nothing new. But Netanyahu maintains the evidence will prove them wrong.

CBN News took part in an exclusive off-camera briefing by Netanyahu. While many of his insights were off the record, he made clear the material he presented last week was new in both quantity and quality.

Netanyahu said “100 percent of the people who said that there was nothing new did not see the material. They’re going to see it now because we’re passing it on to the main Intelligence services.”

Israeli US Ambassador Ron Dermer confirmed the material Netanyahu presented to the public last week is new.


“It’s very new stuff. It was new to our intelligence agencies. It’s new to your intelligence agencies,” Dermer told CBN News. “Mike Pompeo, the new secretary of state, who was a week ago the director of the CIA, said yesterday this is new information that allows the United States and others to put together the puzzle of Iran’s nuclear program.  What I can tell you is Iran’s program was much more advanced that we had previously believed.”

Netanyahu also noted the volume of information is new. For example, in 2011, Iran provided just 1,000 documents to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Israel seized more than 100,000. Many of the documents can’t be made public because they include instructions on how to build an atomic bomb.

Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Plant, Screen Capture

Ambassador Dore Gold told CBN Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell Netanyahu’s presentation “authenticated” Israel’s suspicions.

“What Prime Minister Netanyahu did was he authenticated our suspicions,” Gold said. “Now, you have authentic Iranian documents telling us that Iran indeed has been seeking nuclear weapons, which they can put on the top of a missile program, on the missiles that they’re developing.”

Mitchell asked Gold how he would respond to some critics who say the pushback has already taken place, relegating Netanyahu’s remarks to a rehash of old information

“Even if we knew about the idea of taking the conventional warhead off of a Shahab 3 missile and putting a spherical nuclear device there instead – even if we knew that – we never knew it from a, basically, an Iranian government source. This is something entirely new,” Gold said.

One senior Israeli official also revealed the three elements needed to build an atomic arsenal:

•    One is enriched uranium, which is the “gunpowder.”
•    Two is weaponization, which is the “bullet.”
•    And three is a ballistic missile, which is the “gun.”

The current JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) known as the Iranian agreement does not address the “gun” at all; it hardly mentions the “bullet” and in a few years the agreement as it stands will allow Iran to produce as much “gun powder” (enriched uranium) as it wants.

Netanyahu sees that as a 1-2-3 recipe for disaster in the form of an Iranian nuclear arsenal.

He is also calling for the reinstatement of economic sanctions – or as he labels them, “Iranian enrichment,” to finance Iran’s goal of conquering the Middle East.

Given this information, Netanyahu is saying the world needs to either fix the Iranian nuclear deal or nix it.

This article originally appeared on CBN News, May 7, 2018, and reposted with permission.