Netanyahu: “The Golan will remain in Israel” … Obama Admin. not pleased

· Kirby rebukes Netanyahu
· Cruz endorses Netanyahu Statement
· Trump silent


As a Zionist, I believe that God will honor the man who stands up to the world and says boldly, clearly, this is the Land of Israel. The last time someone did that was Ariel Sharon in September 2000. He went to the Temple Mount, where Palestinians claim against all scholarship and archeology, that there never was a Jewish Temple, to make a statement: The Temple Mount is Jewish.

At that time, Sharon was one of the most disliked politicians in the country. However, from that moment he was thrust on a course, against all odds, to land him in the Prime Minister’s office, and he stayed there for the next six years.

However, the knife cuts both ways. Several years later he oversaw the hitnatkut, the disengagement from Gaza. He never got to see the Israelis evacuated from their homes because he suffered a life-ending stroke that left him in a vegetative state for the next 8 years.

I’m no prophet—I am just reading the signs.

Now fast-forward to April 2016. Prime Benjamin Netanyahu goes to the Golan Heights and makes a bold statement:

I convened this celebratory meeting in the Golan Heights to send a clear message: The Golan will always remain in Israel’s hands. Israel will never withdraw from the Golan Heights.

The U.S. State Department did not appreciate Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks. John Kirby, the State Department Spokesman, said:

Every administration on both sides of the aisle since 1967 has maintained that those territories are not part of Israel and the status of those territories should be determined through negotiations. The current situation in Syria does not allow this.

So there is no confusion, let me be clear on where the Golan Heights are and how we ended up controlling them. In 1967 Egypt, in the south, and Syria, in the north, were preparing to attack Israel. It was not a matter of if they would attack, but merely when. Israel attacked first and fought a bloody uphill battle and won the Golan Heights from its belligerent neighbor.

mapThe mountain ridge was used by Syria to rain down rockets on Israeli communities in the Galilee. That stopped when we won the Six-Day War. It is 40 miles long and 15 miles wide at its widest point.

The Golan Heights have served Israel for nearly 40 years as a strategic military advantage in protecting us from Syria, as well as ensuring that water continues to flow to our three major rivers, providing us with drinking water.

Ted Cruz has vocally supported Bibi:

The government of Israel reiterated the reality that the Golan Heights are part of Israel’s sovereign territory. Given the presence of hostile terrorist organizations ranging from ISIS to Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border, it is foolhardy and dangerous for elements in the international community to try to pressure Israel to abandon the Golan to the chaos engulfing Syria.

Trump has not commented. I guess he feels he needs to be neutral.

One thing most do not know is that Israel has established a secret field hospital on the Golan Heights to treat Syrians, both innocents and fighters, terrorists and Syrian soldiers. Who ever heard of a country treating its enemies with such compassion?

Israeli soldiers treat a wounded Syrian man at a secret military field hospital in the Golan Heights. (photo credit: screen capture, Channel 2, from
Israeli soldiers treat a wounded Syrian man at a secret military field hospital in the Golan Heights. (photo credit: screen capture , Channel 2, from

And Kirby clearly realized the absurdity of his comments when he says the final status the Golan will be established through negotiations. With who? Syria is no longer a country. Nearly 300,000 have died in their inhumane civil war. Assad is a butcher. So with him out of the running, should we negotiate with Al Qaeda? Or maybe ISIS? It would be suicide to give up the Golan Heights in an increasingly radicalized Middle East.

When we gave up Gaza, Hamas took that as a sign up weakness and has rained on Israel over 15,000 rockets and is seeking to build tunnels into Israel to kill Israelis. When we gave back to Hezbollah in 2000, the 12-20 mile buffer zone between Israel and Lebanon, they immediately filled the region with their terrorists and started a war with us in 2006.
And let’s be honest, you would be hard-pressed to find even one ethnic Syrian Arab living on the Golan Heights that wants to be part of Syria, and in fact there have been reports of Syrians on the Syrian side hoping that Israel will take over their villages, so they can enjoy a better life.

Having just spent several days on the Golan Heights with our Israel tour, enjoying its security and beauty and the hospitality of the Arab Druze community, I am one Israeli who stands with my Prime Minster on this issue.

Ron with Israeli soldiers in the Golan Heights
Ron with Israeli soldiers in the Golan Heights
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