Netanyahu: The World Knows Israel Not the Enemy Rather a Partner in War against Terror

PM Netanyahu meeting with the Dutch Parliament (Amos Ben Gershom/GPO)

Prime Minister Netanyahu traveled to Holland where he met with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, King Willem-Alexander and members of the Dutch Parliament.

His meeting with Prime Minister Rutte centered on improving Israel- Europe relations, Dutch assistance in the development of a gas pipeline to the Gaza Strip as well as the rise and threat of radical Islam, particularly in Europe.

On radical Islam, Netanyahu expressed Israel’s global commitment “to work with our friends in Europe in our effort in the war against terrorism and in our successful effort to have our state, our democracy, and – at the same time – afford security to our citizens.”

He spoke of the challenges Europe faces and how “Europe as a whole is undergoing changes. It faces very great challenges over the spread of radical Islamic terrorism,” announcing during a press meeting ahead of his visit with Dutch Parliament members that “I am going to speak with my interlocutors about the central role of Israel in the Middle East as the most stable element and one that contributes greatly to preventing the spread of radical Islamic terrorism. This is a new understanding; it is important, of course, for Israel and the states of the region but it is also very important for Europe. It is this understanding that we are working to instill gradually in all European countries.”

Netanyahu spoke of the “fateful battle that is raging today in the entire world between the forces of peace and the forces of terror, between the forces of democracy and the forces of tyranny, between modernity and medievalism. Israel and the Netherlands stand together for peace, democracy and modernity. We stand together against terror, tyranny, medievalism,” adding that “The world already understands that Israel is not the enemy, but rather a partner in the war against the evils of radical Islam. It is time Europe understands that as well. We are not just protecting ourselves- we are protecting you.”

He described how “All over the world, in China, India, Africa, nations understand the world is changing rapidly and that radical Islam seeks to overrun the West, and they ask, what is the only country that remains safe, true to its values, and prospering? Israel.”

Dutch Prime Minister Marke Rutte emphasized that the “aim of these meetings is to improve the Palestinian economy, but equally it provides for a more fertile ground for political negotiations between the two parties,” Rutte and Netanyahu announcing the cooperative development of a gas pipeline to the Gaza Strip in order to “improve the supply of energy and water.”

This article originally appeared on Behold Israel, September 7, 2016, and reposted with permission.