[New Book] From Rat to Eagle – 21 Ways to Soar like an Eagle


KNI Editor’s note: The following press release is by a friend of Kehila News living in Singapore named Louis Goh Y C.

Does the current pandemic affect you?  What are your current challenges or opportunities?  Would you desire to triumph in your life and soar like a magnificent eagle in the sky?  The answers are found in the book “From Rat to Eagle—21 Ways to Soar like an Eagle.”

Brilliantly written by Louis Goh Y C, this powerful resource contains more than 40 real-life stories of individuals who overcame their odds and succeeded in adverse and diverse situations.  The author strongly believes that human-beings are engineered for success and wrote with convictions the ways and principles to attain greatness.

Many including top medical doctors, psychologists, CEOs and businessmen are attracted to this incredibly well-written book.  Its greatest appeal—the inspirational approach that strives to empower people to great heights.

Apart from the rich anedotes, there are though-provoking questions known as STAR moments at the end of each chapter to stimulate readers to think and reflect for clarity and to take action.

About the author

Louis is passionate on equipping individuals and businesses with the knowledge and traits for success in this dynamic world.  He believes everyone can achieve all his potential and soar like an eagle.

Graduated with an MBA from the University of Bradford in the 90s,  Louis has managed and led companies in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.  While managing in China,  he has grown his company from 3 offices to more than 100 service centres.

As a trainer, he has trained in North America, Japan, China, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.  Companies he has trained include MNCs such as General Electric, Shell, ICBC and also environmental organisation such as World Wide Fund (WWF).

This priceless gem is available in digital and printed copies on Amazon.