New book published by Pastor Meno Kalisher


Pastor Meno Kalisher, who leads the Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption congregation in Israel’s capital city, recently published a book entitled “Do! Applying the Epistle of James.”

The book contains practical, step by step instructions for a Believer in daily living, based on a series of sermons presented at the congregation several years ago.

KNI recently spoke with Meno to find out more about the new book and other resources produced by Jerusalem Assembly.

KNI: Who was this new book written for?

Meno: About two years ago the organizers of the national summer camps called me and asked if we have teaching material on practical faith – Faith in Jesus in practice.

They said that the many of the 7-8 graders have no good understanding of repentance and other matters relevant to practical Christian lives. I answered that we taught James in the past – which covers many of these issues, so can edit the lessons and organize the material. The result became this book.

KNI: What is the purpose of this book? What is it that you hope readers will take away from it?

Meno: The main target audience is youth and young adults, but it is suitable for anyone who simply wants to grow in their walk with the Lord. We want that readers will understand that true faith is expressed in a changed life. True faith (True religion) is helping the poor, living a life that shows Christ in our lives.

True salvation is not mere words, but expressed in doing God’s will.

KNI: How can people get this book and other books written and published by JA?

Meno: People can order a copy from our website or simply come visit our church and take one.