New Israeli technology innovates pasteurization process


The Kingdom of God specializes in taking ordinary, problematic situations and transforming them into an opportunity to display God’s glory as Yeshua did when turning water into wine, addressing a deficit at a wedding feast in Cana.

Similarly, an Israeli company has the potential to transform the beverage industry around the world with its innovative product.

AseptoRay, an Israeli company, has been lauded for bringing a new technology into the traditional beverage industry. Rather than using heat, the high-tech company has invented a machine which sends ultra-violet rays through drinks to remove the threat of germs.

For the past 200 years most drinks, and not just milk, have been subject to the timeworn process of pasteurization. Pasteurization entails heating liquids to a high enough temperature whereby germs are killed off making the drink safe for bottling, distribution and consumption. Pasteurization, however, is expensive and detracts from the taste and nutritional value of the drink as opposed to other non-processed items like fresh juices.

AseptoRay is located in Ma’alot in remote and largely rural North Galilee. The company’s name describes their product, referring to ‘aseptic,’ free of germs, and to light rays.

Competitors have produced a machine, costing around $1.5 million, which purifies only clear liquids like water by passing light rays through them. The innovative value of AseptoRay’s machine is that it purifies both cloudy and clear drinks without heating and the machine costs only around a tenth of the price of its rivals.

In addition, this technology saves a massive 73 percent on electricity. In 2015 AseptoRay won the prestigious international Silicon Valley Clean Tech Open Award, in the Global Ideas category. The company is now on the brink of achieving its first ever sale, in Japan.

The prophet Ezekiel foresaw the transformation of the nation of Israel in his vision of a valley of long dead and dried bones which were raised up to form bodies with tendons and flesh (Ezekiel 37). This is a prophetic metaphor for the physical restoration of Israel which we see today with its flourishing technology sector and industrial growth.

Ezekiel subsequently saw was breath entering into those resurrected bodies, referring to the spiritual revival of Israel, a stage we are currently seeing. Paul wrote of this spiritual resurrection, that its coming would signal transformation for all who have faith in Yeshua, even “life from the dead” (Romans 11:15), meaning the end of this tired and problematic age and the ushering in of Yeshua’s rule and reign on earth. The transformational power we see in physical Israel will be increasingly visible in the spiritual realm.

As Yeshua turned water into wine, the national calling of Israel is to be a light to the nations, just as the prophet Isaiah foretold of the reborn state:

“Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.” Isaiah 60:3