New revelations about our King and Great High Priest Yeshua


God told us through His angel Gabriel in Luke 1:36 that Elisheva was Miriam’s relative from Aaron (Luke 1:5). But how do we know for sure  Miriam is from Aaron, & the same family as her relative Elisheva of Aaron, being Miriam is from the family of king David? Because the book of Luke was written in Greek, and the word being used here for relative in the Greek means blood relative.  That means that the virgin Miriam had a father from king David’s family and a mother from one of the Aaronic priest families

Did God also tell us which family of Aaron she was from? Yes, she had to be from the same family as her relatives Elisheva, and her husband, priest Zechariah. What family of Aaron was that? The family of Aaron that was righteous before God … Luke 1:6 Only one family of Aaron was allowed to come before God, into God’s presence, and to minister before God. That was the family of high priest Zadok.  Ezekiel 44:15, 16 & Ezekiel 43:18, 19 Also the family name of Zadok meant righteous. So yes, God had told us in Luke 1 which special family of Aaron that the virgin Miriam was from.

When Zechariah prophesied over his new born son, Yochanan (John) in Luke 1:75, this again revealed which family of Aaron he was from, “that we being delivered from the hand of our enemies might serve Him in holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life.” Also remember that Zechariah had come into the presence of God, (Luke 1:8-11) as did Miriam, (Luke 1: 29-36) when the angel Gabriel, who stood in the presence of God, had come to them. (Luke 1:19) God had given us several clues in Luke 1, showing us Miriam was also from this Zadokite high priest family of Aaron.

This Truth unfolds even deeper, for there are also three important Old Covenant prophesies about the Messiah coming from Aaron. God had told us this through His prophets Jeremiah and Zechariah, that the Branch (Tzemach) would be coming to earth from the Zadokite high priest family. Read Jeremiah 33:18, 24 and Zechariah 3:1-9 and Zechariah 6:11-13.

Why had God chosen this particular Aaronic priest family called Zadok (righteous)? For many reasons: Yeshua is Heaven’s King and Great High Priest. His Heavenly title is Melchi Zedek, which means ‘my King of Righteousness.’ He came to earth through these two families, king David’s family and high priest Zadok’s (‘righteous’) family, through the virgin. 

God also prophesied of these two families in Jeremiah 33:24. But why? The Righteous Seed in Eve of Genesis 3:15 ran through these two families. From Eve this Seed went to Abram who was blessed by Melchi Zedek (see Genesis 14:18) with a King Priest blessing to himself and also to this Seed. (Read Genesis 22:18) This Seed then went to Isaac, and to Jacob (Israel). (Read Genesis 28:14) This Seed went on to Judah, then to Amminadab and to Amminadab’s son Nahshon. From Nahshon it went on to David. But this Seed split, also going to Amminadab’s daughter Elisheva. Elisheva married Aaron, and this Seed went to their son Eleazar, and grandson Phinehas, then went on to high priest Zadok. From these two families, David’s & Zadok’s, this Seed went on to Miriam’s father from David, and to Miriam’s mother from Zadok. And then this Seed merged back together again when it went into Miriam. This Seed (which originated in Eve) + God the Holy Spirit then begot Yeshua at conception in the womb of Miriam. This is the Truth of Yeshua’s true earthly lineage from His mother, the virgin Miriam, who was from both of these two families of David and Aaron from her parents.

In Zechariah 3:1- 9 we see My Servant, (My Righteous Servant, in Isaiah 53:11) Tzemach, who came to earth, born from these two families of king David & high priest Zadok thru the virgin, to die for the iniquity of mankind and of the earth. Dominion over the earth had been given to man, therefore only a perfect Man could redeem mankind and the earth from all iniquity, by offering His sinless flesh and His Blood as a substitution for sin. Yeshua did this as the Son of Man. He became the perfect Human Sacrifice, of Himself unto death for us. Yeshua said on the cross, “It is Finished!” John 19:30

In Zechariah 6:12, 13, we see the Man, Tzemach (the Branch), Heaven’s King and Priest. Both divine titles. How do we know? Because it says He will build the Temple of the Lord, and repeats this again. But then it says t He will bear the Glory. Only God can bear the Glory. This Man, Tzemach is Yeshua, Melchi Zedek, the Son of God! Heaven’s King and Great High Priest, Yeshua, will Reign over the earth for 1000 years. (Daniel 7:13, 14)

We also see this in Jeremiah 33:17, the Man who will reign as king from David’s family is the virgin’s Son from Miriam’s father’s family of the tribe of Judah. And in verse 33:18, the Man who is before God from the (Zadokite) Aaronic priest family, who does the Sacrifice for all days is also the virgin’s Son, but from Miriam’s mother’s family. Jeremiah 33:18 cannot be about the Aaronic priests in general, or even about the Zadok priest family in particular, but can only be about Yeshua and His Eternal Blood Sacrifice.

There is so much more to how God perfectly weaved this great mystery in His Word, as you shall see. However God’s enemy tried hard to stop God’s plans for Messiah’s first coming. In 165 B.C., the Maccabee’s, an Aaronic priest family defeated Israel’s Greek enemy Antiochus, & also cleansed the Jerusalem Temple. But then they went & removed the Zadok high priest and  other Zadokite priests from the Jerusalem Temple, took over as high priests, and corrupted the whole Aaronic priesthood for the next 165 years, all in violation of God’s Word given only to the Zadokite priests. (Ezekiel 44:15) This continued in the days of the New Covenant, until the opening scene of priest Zechariah, ministering at the Altar of incense before God in Luke 1. 

We know from Luke 1:5, 6, that Zechariah and Elisheva were both from this Zadokite priest family. Then when Zechariah was serving at the Altar of incense the angel Gabriel came to him from Heaven. God had said in Ezekiel 43:18, 19 & 44:15, 16, only a son of Zadok could come into God’s presence. This further proved Zechariah was a son from Zadok. But God met Zechariah through His angel Gabriel at the Altar of incense, which also proved that Zechariah, besides being a son from Zadok, was also the hidden Zadok high priest of Israel How do we know this? Because God will never confuse us. To minister at the Altar of incense was a position given by God to Aaron the high priest, and to his future sons who would serve God at that position.  Exodus 30:1, 7 For God to send His angel Gabriel to speak to Zechariah while at the Altar of incense, proved that Zechariah was God’s Zadokite high priest, after 165 years of corruption of the Aaronic priesthood, from the time when the Maccabees had throw out the Zadokite priesthood.

Then God told Zechariah thru His angel Gabriel, his yet unconceived son would have to be named Yochanan (John). Why? Because Yochanan was the name of the last Zadok high priest about 165 B.C., when the Maccabees took over the Jerusalem Temple. God was telling Zechariah through angel Gabriel that God was keeping His Promises He had made to the Zadokite high priest family, for the Messiah to be able to come to earth the first time. 

Why was that so important? Because Zechariah’s son Yochanan would then be the next mystery Zadokite high priest. 30 years later Yochanan would begin his ministry, being more than a prophet, because he was carrying from God the highest order of the Aaronic high priest authority in all of Israel. And Yeshua, to begin His earthly ministry, had to obey His Father by first having His mikveh at the Jordan River, in submission to the Zadokite high priest, His own cousin Yochanan. Yeshua said to Yochanan, “Permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all Righteousness!” Matthew 3:15 Then Yochanan submitted to Yeshua’s Word. Why was that important?

There are yet so many unanswered mysteries, for God told us in eight different places in His Word that the Aaronic priesthood would be forever.   

How would that happen, or perhaps did it already happen that day out at the Jordan River, when Yochanan submitted to Yeshua? I believe Yochanan’s submission of his high priest authority may be where the Aaronic priesthood may have been brought under Yeshua, & into the Melchi Zedek Priesthood.

Let’s look at another major subject. Soon the Israeli Orthodox religious Jews will begin building their house on the Mount Moriah hill at the Temple Mount area in Jerusalem. And they will begin doing their blood sacrifices to honor the God of Israel. But here’s a big problem. In 70 A.D. the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed; & so were the Aaronic priest records. So today does anybody know for sure who is really a son from the seed of the Zadokite’s? 

Also will God honor any Aaronic priest blood sacrifices, especially since His Son Yeshua already died to provide the Atonement for everyone’s sins almost 2000 years ago? 

Another Truth about the Blood of Yeshua. All born again Jewish and Gentile believers were saved through Yeshua’s Blood. But what is in that Blood?  All that Yeshua is, He sacrificed for us on the Cross. His Blood contains His Heavenly Kingship and Heavenly Great High Priesthood, the Melchi Zedek Priesthood, along with who Yeshua is in the flesh from His mother Miriam, the fulfillment of the line of kings from David and also the fulfillment of the line of high priests from Yehoshua, of Zadok, of Aaron. 

One day last summer God told me to say this in different words.  I said, “Lord, I didn’t know what You mean.” Then I saw it, the Truth about the One New Man …  Every ‘born again’ believer, both Jew and Gentile, has in their spirit Yeshua’s Blood, which is never separated from the Holy Spirit.  (Hebrews 9:14)  Every born again believer has Yeshua’s Jewish Blood, the fulfillment from Jewish kings from David and Jewish high priests from Zadok of Aaron. Yeshua’s Jewish Blood is what broke down the dividing wall separating Jews and Gentiles, to make us all into the One New Man! 

Every born again believer also has Zadokite priest’s blood in their spirit. Ezekiel 44:23 and 24, giving us another very important prophetic mystery unfolding. We are being trained as kings and priests to serve with Yeshua in His Millennial Kingdom; Yeshua’s Bride will have this privilege of daily ministering to Yeshua first, spending quality time in real intimacy with Him.

If the total Jewish and Gentile world harvest of souls to date has come in with knowing and teaching only half of Yeshua’s full identity, and if for 2000 years the Church and the Messianic Body have taught an incomplete truth about Yeshua’s full Blood Sacrifice, then what will happen when the whole Truth is taught? Something Great is about to happen with these new revelations from the Holy Spirit of Truth about Yeshua. John 16:13, 14 

In 1 John 5:8, it says there are three that bear witness on earth, the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood. When the Holy Spirit of Truth brings these new revelations about the sinless Blood of Yeshua, the result will be the release of Living Waters! Great Revival and the great outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit is coming soon, first to Jerusalem, and then out to the whole earth. We are right now at the door of these amazing times coming to the earth.

Let us each also do our part by taking up our cross daily and living a surrendered life in the Holy Spirit, by truly loving and forgiving one another and also preferring others above our self. It’s only when we unite together in real love for God and for each other, and in real obedience to God that His blessings come. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the true sons of God. Will persecutions have to come first before we can truly obey God?

I am no bible scholar, and never went to bible school. In fact, I was once a destroyed man on drugs, and deep into the occult and New Age, when God showed Mercy on this terribly lost sinner, and rescued me. Every revelation that has been given to you in these writings about Yeshua is from the Holy Spirit of Truth, who desires for Messiah’s Body to both know and also to be able to teach these wonderful new Truths about Yeshua from Aaron.   

If you are interested in a much deeper look in what I have just shared, I am just finishing my fifth book on this subject, called, ‘Yeshua, my King of Righteousness, from the Seed of king David and high priest Zadok of Aaron.’ (124 pages) At your request, I will send this to you by email as a free gift to study. Also I have written many other papers on this topic. These can be found on my website: