NEW VIDEO: One-Minute Intro to Kehila News Israel

Kehila News Israel is proud to announce the launch of our new video:  “One-Minute Intro to Kehila News Israel.” For our readers who have followed us for a few years, we are sure you have noticed the many changes that have taken place on the website.

For our newer readers, we have completely redesigned the website and expanded our content. Previously as, our primary service was linking to articles on 3rd party Israeli Messianic websites.  Re-branded as, we now offer a community-wide platform for Messianic writers and bloggers from the kehila (community) to write original content in three main areas: 1) Israel News 2) Israeli Messianic Community News, and 3) Opinions, Blogs, and Teachings; all from a biblical or spiritual perspective. 

Many of the prolific Messianic writers in Israel, who we previously linked to, have now given us permission to re-post their articles on Kehila News Israel, with a link at the bottom to the original article on their individual ministry websites. We also categorize our articles by topic so readers can quickly find which ones they are most interested in reading. The links to articles and videos on other Israeli Messianic websites now appear at the bottom of the homepage.

Our search bar on the front page can be filtered by author or any free-text phrase.  The database is extremely fast and is a tremendous resource for finding previously published articles.

More developments are to come for Kehila News Israel. Check in periodically for new sections of the website, new features, and of course new articles every day.