New Wineskins – an open vision

I witnessed a tremendous assembly of angels led by Yeshua. Everyone had a bow and arrow in their hands and was prepared to launch their arrows at the same time. I turned my head to see what they were aiming at and saw rows and rows of old wine skins. Suddenly the command was given and the angels followed Yeshua in releasing their arrows into the old wine skins.

Then new wine skins were handed out all across America. Many eagerly received their new wine skins while others refused to trade in their old wine skins, which were now completely useless as they were riddled with holes and could never hold wine again.

Yeshua gave me a new wine skin, which I received with great joy and He filled it with the most fragrant burgundy wine. I told Him with a smile, “You saved the best wine for the last!” And He returned the smile.