New Year in the Land of Promise – Hope for Israel feeds families

The Fall season is the most festive time of the year in Israel. Starting with Rosh Hashanah – the Biblical Feast of Trumpets, traditionally recognized as the New Year for Israel – the Jewish people enter into Days of Awe that conclude on the Day of Atonement. While the latter is a day of fasting, Rosh Hashanah tends to be the opposite: families come together to feast, where every dish is symbolic of God’s blessings.

There are many families in Israel who struggle to make ends meet and feel discouraged by not being able to celebrate the Biblical feasts in a traditional way.

It’s common for Israelis to share gifts and food baskets with their friends and family, similarly to families around the world who bless others on holidays like Thanksgiving or the Harvest Festivals. In Israel this holiday custom continues through Sukkot– the Feast of Tabernacles, just a week after Yom Kippur.


Through Operation Hesed, the Hebrew word for graceHope for Israel ministry delivers food packages to close to one thousand underprivileged households in Israel just in time for the holidays! The food distribution is conducted twice a year, over the High Holidays in the Fall as well as the Passover holidays in the Spring.

Hope for Israel ministry reminds us that in our efforts to build God’s kingdom, we cannot forget that a key part of honoring God is to also be gracious to those in need. It is an immense privilege to help our neighbors in need and to bring glory to God in the process.

When we help the people of Israel observe the Lord’s appointed times, we emphasize the prophetic significance of these holidays.



Who: Operation Hesed by Hope for Israel
When: Rosh Hashanah – the Feast of Trumpets & Pesach – the Passover
What: Food Supplies and treats
Result: Provision for almost 1,000 needy families

Partner with Hope for Israel to bless the Jewish families in need, helping them celebrate the Biblical holidays!


● For every Israeli to have a place to celebrate the High Holy Days with a caring community;
● For the gifts to reach the right homes, so that many will see Messiah glorified;
● For an abundant outpouring of His Spirit during this special season!


● Support Operation Hesed financially by sending a gift to Hope for Israel ministry;
● Learn more about Hope for Israel and their ministry in the land
● Share about this project with your family and friends for greater impact!

To find out more about the mission and the work of Hope for Israelclick here.

This article originally appeared on FIRM and is reposted with permission.

FIRM Staff

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