Obliterating Palestine

It happens that, while guiding groups around the land of Israel, someone will frequently ask me, “We’ve been seeing Israel. When do we get to see Palestine?”

Obviously I quite categorically state that that there is no such place (for there isn’t). “Oh but there is,” will come the response, sometimes hurt, sometimes baffled, sometimes a little angry. “Everyone knows there’s a Palestine.”

Really? “Well yes! Newspapers and books and television presenters routinely refer to ‘Israel-Palestine’ or ‘Israel and Palestine’ and just plain ‘Palestine.’ When will we be there?”

“No,” I say with clear conviction and (usually) remaining unruffled. “No such place as Palestine exists. There has never been a country called Palestine nor a nation called the Palestinians.”

Calmly, clearly, I lay out the history. Maps, dates, quotes, sources; more than enough to clear this question up for any reasonable person really interested in truth rather than propaganda.

Usually that works. At least it quiets the perplexed parties on my bus so that we can get on with seeing Israel – hopefully including in our tour places like Bethel and Shiloh and Shechem and Hebron as well as the Old City in Jerusalem. These are in the heartland of Israel – specifically they are in the place where the nations futilely plan to plant Palestine.

To them we say “Hah!” (Psalm 2:4) and “Watch out!” (Psalm 2:5)

Thankfully, by the time they board their plane back to one of the four corners of the earth, any confusion in the minds of my Christian travelers will have been forever settled. They can use their firsthand knowledge (which is more than 99 percent of ‘Palestine’s champions’ in the nations have) to help debunk the myth of Palestine and the Palestinians.

For it is a baseless myth. And there’s no turning a baseless myth into truth – period.

It matters not whether the nations gather in Paris or anywhere else – and whether they include mighty international conglomerates like the European Union and the United Nations. It matters not how much power they wield – economically or militarily; whether their members are old world or new, has beens (Britain and France) or are beings (the United States) or would be (New Zealand).

In some people’s hands the pen is a great deal mightier than the AK-47 or suicide bomb. Brilliantly and thoroughly, in his May 25, 2016 entry on Sultan Knish, Daniel Greenfield obliterates ‘Palestine.’

More than a myth, he accurately describes it as “a hoax”. I’d love to reproduce his whole article here but, to be fair to him, and also to encourage my readers to bookmark him, I am going to send you right to his page..

Read it – it’s powerful – and circulate it as widely as you can.

There is no Palestine.

This article originally appeared on Jerusalem Watchman, June 3, 2016, and reposted with permission.

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Stan has lived in Israel for half of his life even though he was born to a Gentile couple serving on the mission field in the small kingdom of Swaziland. Following three years volunteering on Israeli collective farms in the 1980s, he worked as a political reporter for the South African newspaper, The Daily Dispatch – where his pen had its training during apartheid’s waning years. He has traveled to various nations, speaking to Christians about developments in Israel. In 2011 he was accredited by the Israel Ministry of Tourism as a tour guide, and takes individuals, small groups, families, busloads and helicopter-loads of Christians around God’s Land.