Of Arabs, Jews and gallbladders in Israel

‘Behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and a fog (arafel) all the peoples’- Isaiah 60:2


Very few of you have thought for a moment about your gallbladder today, for the simple reason that it is going about its wonderful functions without making news. So it is with the daily life of Arabs and Jews in the nation of Israel. Approximately 20% of Israeli citizens are non-Jews, mostly Arab Muslim and Christian, and Druze (an offshoot of Islam), who freely go about their lives here in every area of society, contrary to media reports and negative world opinion.

Our world is now anchored in the muck of The New Age of Confusion. It is informed and misinformed and deformed by a percolating media daily producing fake news in place of fact news, that is as misinformed as it is corrupting. There is a biased spin roving around the planet and echoed by the United Nations that Israel is a racist and apartheid nation- something that could not be further from the truth.

I would like to take you by the hand and lead on a tour throughout Israel, where you will see everywhere and always Jews and Arabs (both Muslim and Christian) working together in every walk of life- in all hospitals as doctors and nurses as well as patients, in universities and garages, at printing houses and restaurants, in government offices and even in the Knesset (parliament) where Arabs have their own representative parties.

An Arab judge, Salim Joubran, sat on the supreme court of Israel, and Arabs serve in the Israeli police department, and even up to high positions (voluntarily) in the military.

You will see Arab families and Jewish families having picnics in the parks, shopping together and working together peacefully in the malls and the supermarkets, and enjoying the Mediterranean beaches and cafes unmolested, far healthier than the strained relations between blacks and whites in many American cities.

All are free to practice their own religion and wear their traditional dress. There are prosperous Israeli Muslim villages like Abu Ghosh where Jews daily enjoy the many restaurants and shops. At the same time you will see black Ethiopians integrating into the Israeli society- in the markets and in the military, etc. But these things go on quietly every day and do not make news, or appear in your media at all. No, Israel is neither racist nor apartheid.

On the other hand, in the Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza, even in the Judean city of Bethlehem, a Jew can take his life in his hands if he ventures therein. Even the proposed Palestinian state would be Judenrein– Jew-free- as it would be called an Arab-only state, where a Jew could neither live on that land of our biblical ancestors and their tombs, nor take any part in its function. That, it would appear, seems to fit much more the definition of ‘racist and apartheid’.

There are many well-intentioned people among the Arabs who call themselves Palestinian who would be glad to have a peaceful co-existence with their Jewish neighbors. But it is never the quiet and peaceful people of the land who are the driving force, but those zealots who make and carry out threats on those people, who carry the day.

Having served in the IDF in Judah and Samaria, I know for a fact that this is the case, having spoken directly with some of those inhabitants of the Palestinian camps such a Balata near Nablus. Fear is the great driving force in the Islamic world. The State of Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where Arabs are free and without fear.

A fog of confusion and electronic misinformation has covered the Earth, and today one must wield a very sharp sword to cut through that blinding fog to get to the Truth.