Old Sounds, New Vibes, and A Coming Hope: A Review of the Album “Hu Yavo”

John writes that the Messiah says, “Behold, I am coming soon…” (Rev. 22:12). With the busyness of everyday life, it is easy to overlook this amazing reality that one day, we will meet Yeshua face to face. “Hu Yavo” (“He Will Come”), Joshua Aaron’s latest album, puts His Second Coming in the spotlight. One day, He will come and reign from His Holy Hill in Jerusalem and establish His kingdom forever!

Aaron, by no means, is a stranger to the Messianic music scene. With three other albums released (a fourth in the works!) and over 7 million YouTube views of his music videos, he and his family now reside near the Sea of Galilee. He is also a gifted Integrity Music songwriter. Concerning “Hu Yavo”, he says, “Every song has its own place it came from. When I heard that phrase, ‘Hu Yavo’, something so special stood out.” Not only is the writing excellent, but also a wide variety of sounds and instruments are featured on the record. He says “I had an honest desire to combine traditional sounds from my Ashkenazi roots with contemporary instruments.” Listeners will enjoy hearing the older sounds of the violin, mandolin, and banjo along with driving guitar rhythms, deep synths, and even a ukulele!

The album opens with a rousing cowbell and a call of “Chaverim! Bo nirkod! Yalla!” (translating to “Friends! Come and Dance! Let’s go!”). The accordion interlude gives ample time to put on those dancing shoes. You will want them for “Hu Yavo”, the joyful title track. Then, “All Is Well” continues this high energy and features the whole family. “My mom always says, ‘Kol Tov. All is well’ constantly. This song is really dedicated to her,” Aaron comments.

Continuing on is “My Beloved (Wedding Waltz)”, a powerful ballad based on the Song of Songs. Joshua says, “Marriage has always been important to me. Yeshua says, ‘Therefore, what God has joined together, let no man separate!’ (Mark 10:9), and those words have just always been so touching. How beautiful is it that we as the Body can be joined together with Him!” Afterward, “He’s Coming Again” harkens to the original theme of the album with a smooth country feel. “The story behind the music video of this song”, Aaron says, “is that one of my volunteer groups was supposed to be featured in the video. However, this was filmed in the summer of 2014, when the Gaza war broke out. Their church board requested that they come home a few days early. So instead of my original plans, I decided to feature my family instead! Now, my daughter, who is in the video, goes around to her school and says ‘Hey, check out this video I’m in! My dad is the singer’ and shares seeds of the Gospel with her classmates.”

The next track is “Adon Ata Ori”, a contemporary Israeli Messianic song with added English translation. Joshua explains, “The chorus says, ‘I want more of You Lord, and less of me.’ My son was asking me one day ‘Abba, what does that mean?’ I answered from Galatians 2:20: ‘No more that I live, but Messiah lives in me.’ Those words made it into the song.” Then, the record continues with “The Priestly Blessing (Numbers 6:24-26)”, a prayer that is said in synagogues across the world, combined with “Shalom Aleicha”, its upbeat counterpart. “The Sacrifice Lamb” is an older Messianic song recorded by Joel Chernoff and Lamb. “This song has lyrics that still speak to us today. It contains a powerful message about Yeshua and the work He accomplished” Aaron says. The next two tracks are remakes on familiar classics, “David Danced (Let the Heavens be Glad)” and “How Great Thou Art” – both featuring twists (both featuring original choruses, and the latter having some sung in Hebrew). “When He Appears” and “He’s Coming Soon” close the album out with a strong sense of leaving the listener longing for Yeshua to come soon! “He’s Coming Soon” is an old Hawaiian hymn, sung in Hebrew and English. “I’ve been going to Hawaii every year for Sukkot for almost 6 years, so I had to fit that awesome style in somewhere, plus the song is beautiful. And that’s a good note to end on,” Aaron says. “Get ready for some more ukulele on the next album!”

The goal of this album is to spread the Good News of Messiah through a creative fashion. “I’ve spent years sharing Yeshua with my Jewish brethren in Israel and the U.S., ultimately my niche is music,” Aaron explains. “I deeply desired to come back to Israel as a professional musician and be bold with my music. That’s why I’m here now.” May God use this album to encourage us that He is coming again and soon!

You can also find Joshua on iTunes as well as subscribe to his YouTube channel where many songs from this and other albums are featured.

Click on the video below to watch the music video “He’s Coming Again”.

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Joe is a musician (pianist & percussionist) who graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Now, he is pursuing a Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies at the Charles Feinberg Center of Messianic Jewish Studies in Brooklyn, New York. He has a heart for the Jewish people and has traveled to Israel four times, with plans to go back.