One in Messiah – Beer Sheva Messianic Congegration visits Arab Christians in Bethlehem


On Sonday, December 23, 2018, Randi and I, with some others, went again to Bethlehem to worship and celebrate with our brothers and sisters there at a church which is not particularly favorable towards Israel. They do have good fellowship with Israeli believers, even Jewish ones; but their lives have been forged much by living under difficult necessary security measures taken by Israel, and by pressures from the Islamic culture in which they also live. Plus, the false doctrine of replacement theology has negatively influenced their interpretation of the Bible and current events, including the reestablishment of the nation-state of Israel for the Jewish people.

We have been doing this since 2003, during the second intifada. Our peoples fear each other, do not trust each other, fight and kill one another. Biblically speaking, the conflict is over the inheritance of the promised land, going back to Jacob and Esau, and the two nations which were in Rebecca’s womb. But we are there as faces and names to them, and they are faces and names to us: reminders that our Father has redeemed children there and here. For the sake of the testimony of who Jesus/Yeshua is we go: we must show that Jesus is our peace and reconciliation, even when times are tense and difficult. If we cannot do that when things are not well, then we have no message to our people even when they are.  It is the grace and mercy of God that moves us. We all have a better inheritance even than covenantly promised to Israel and the Jewish people for the land. And God is going to fulfill all of His promises through, and because of, the one Righteous Man, Yeshua the Messiah/Jesus Christ! 

We went, with 25 others, to Bethlehem to worship and celebrate with our brothers and sisters there at an evangelical church. We had a minibus full, plus a van. A group of mostly internationals from our congregation had planned to do half-hour of Christmas songs at Ben-Gurion University of The Negev in Beer Sheva on that day, but the university canceled them earlier in the week, for “bureaucratic reasons”. So, that freed them up to do what they wanted to do: go with us to Bethlehem! They sang a couple of their renditions at the church there, and everyone was really blessed. Praise God! The church also had a marvelous children’s program, and about 200 children — including those who were with us — each received a very nice gift. They were all really happy!  Please pray that we would continue to have an open door to enter the ‘other side’. We want to encourage and build up the Body of Messiah in the truth and unity of YHVH God. The Kingdom of God does recognize boundaries, and in the Spirit we can respect them, and cross over.