One personal experience from the violent protest at the Messianic concert in Jerusalem

Dozens of members of an Orthodox Jewish organization violently rioted outside a Messianic concert in downtown Jerusalem, physically threatening concert goers and injuring several in a frenzied mob scene at the Pavilion on Thursday night.

One concert goer describes his experience:

When we arrived with a full mini-bus to the Clal Building, we had already received reports of demonstrators at the concert outside the Pavilion auditorium. I was used to demonstrators before at these Messianic concerts, so thought it was just a relatively small group of Haredim hanging around just to make a presence.

We were led another way into the Pavilion in order to avoid the demonstrators, and that went very well. During the concert — which was great — there was no problem inside. All of the demonstrators were outside the Pavilion complex. 

After the concert, we were all informed of different routes to take out of the building to avoid the demonstrators, but the protesters figured out what was going on and sent groups to all of the exit routes in the building and parking lot areas below.

They were from the Lahava group, which are aggressive in their activities as we found out (also against Palestinian Arabs, which we knew). They blocked our way, cursed, spit, were verbally abusive, called us all dirty missionaries who should go back to Russia. They were very unpleasant, and the children that were part of them are already full of hatred for Yeshua and those who believe in him in a similar way that Hamas indoctrinates Muslim children to hate Israel and the Jewish people. It is a similar spirit, maybe the same, but both hating God the Father and His Son, and those who know and love Him. 

The police were not really present, and it is not clear why these protesters focused on this concert, which was in no way an evangelistic event, but rather “for the choir”.

Pray for the eyes and hearts and minds and ears of the Jewish people will be opened for the truth of the good news, which came to them first, and is coming round again.