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Transcript: The Truth Behind “The Occupation” in Hebron

This article is a transcript of a video posted by Hananya Naftali, a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. If you missed the video, click to read it in full.

VIDEO: The Truth Behind “The Occupation” in Hebron

Hananya creates a response video to Al Jazeera's video called "Occupied West Bank: Life in Hebron".

Responding to Hate With Love

"I hate all of you Jews." "I hope you enjoy killing children." "Death to Israel." These are just some snippets of some of the messages I...

VIDEO: I Support Israel- World Version

In Hananya's latest project he asked his viewers to send him their own videos, in which they express their support for Israel. Here's a collection of their responses.

VIDEO: Israel Under Attack

Hananya Naftali, a Believing soldier in the IDF, says: "A lot of lies are spread all over the media - so let's fight back by sharing the truth! It's a huge help for the state of Israel."

Israeli Soldier Calls For More Love, Less Hate

"I think that the Israeli army is the only army that gives medical care to its enemies. I have been serving for two years in the IDF and still have NEVER received a command to go and injure or kill innocent people."

VIDEO: Medic in the IDF

Hananya Naftali is a young believer who serves in the IDF. Here, he translates the oath all IDF medics must swear upon induction.