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[VIDEO] Dai Li – Enough For Me

In the song Dai Li we give praise to our God for making us His sons & daughters, caring for us, showing His love which is far better than anything this world can offer!

Tisha be’Av

Tuvia writes, "Unlike other peoples that the Babylonians destroyed, the Jewish people survived. They had promises, they had a Messiah in the future, God had a redemptive plan, a goal with this people. He wouldn’t let us die out."

On What Basis did Father God honor – Yeshua’s Blood Sacrifice of His Sinless...

Richard writes, "Yeshua’s sinless Blood Sacrifice of Himself, as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, was because Yeshua is a Son from the only Aaronic priest family that God allowed to come before Himself, and also to make a blood sacrifice, the high priest family called Zadok!"

Antichrist in the Church

Elhanan writes, "We are witness in our times of a world where lawlessness is abounding and creating chaos and fear, with little succor from a church that has lost its moorings in the Torah of God, copying instead the corruptions of a world gone lawless."

What If We Struggle with Sin Because We Are in a Relationship with G-D?

Eric writes, "We receive this supernatural power, we are then able to be witnesses of that power, just as Moses was after he encountered and entered into a supernatural relationship with G-D."

[VIDEO] Joshua Aaron and Aaron Shust: None Like You – Jerusalem Encounter

Watch a live performance of "None Like You" by Joshua Aaron and Aaron Shust at the Jerusalem Encounter conference.

Amazing Evidence Of Kingdom Of Judah Found In Jerusalem!

We’ve read about Hezekiah, Menashe and the Kingdom of Judah in the Bible, but now archeologists are digging up ancient treasures which testify to the truth of these stories!


Eitan writes, "Their encouragement and unfeigned friendship touched me deeply—so much that I began searching the Scriptures to discover the significance of this relationship."

Truth or Consequences (Part 2)

Aaron writes, "A “post Truth” world in which everyone is free to live as if whatever they want to believe is true no matter what is objectively and observably true, can’t last very long."


Liat writes, "Deep within our hearts, we all have the same burning question, 'Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Does my life even matter? Do I matter? Am I enough?'"