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[VIDEO] Life Behind the Shield

No one engages in their God Created Destiny without first spending a season behind God’s protective shield for training.

On False Prophets and Prophecies

Elhanan writes, "For the last forty years in Jerusalem we have watched prophets of every variety and flavor blaze brightly across our sky to deposit their prophetic predictions - most invariably wrong - only to sputter and burn out, being of the very nature of meteorites."

Heroic Women of the Bible

Joseph writes, "In this Torah reading from Exodus chapter 1 to chapter 6, the real heroes are really heroines, women! Five women that are little appreciated in most Christian circles."

An Open Letter to American Evangelicals

Aaron writes, "I beg to point out that in this generation which has been deeply traumatized by the tidal wave of hypocrisy, corruption and deceit which has hit them is desperately searching for someone with humility and integrity."

Israeli pro-life ministry Be’ad Chaim launches new initiative to raise awareness, change public opinion

The initiative is a branch of Be'ad Chaim called "Zchutam" which means "their right" in Hebrew. KNI spoke to Sandy Shoshani, National Director of Be'ad Chaim, about the initiative.

[VIDEO] Beginning Small, Affecting All

Vladimir shares a message at Kehilat HaCarmel on January 2, 2021.

A Plea from Our Father

Eitan writes, "The challenge is: Will I take the glory He’s extending to me, and be healed of the bitter poison of thinking my group is the best and pointing the finger?"

Start the year with repentance

Asher writes, "Spiritual renewal starts with repentance. We share the biblical vision for world revival and restoration. But that process starts with each individual repenting."

[VIDEO] EVERYTHING – Filmed at Jordan River & Magdala, Israel

Listen to the song "Everything" from the "Cover the Sea" album.

[VIDEO] David’s testimony about an Israeli ministry caring for drug addicts and homeless

Here about the local Israeli ministry "Restart" and how with support from Dugit they are helping drug addicts and homeless people turn their lives around.