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VIDEO: What Israel achieved In ONE Jewish year

Watch Hananya Naftali present on what Israel has achieved in one Jewish year. Israel is only 70 years old with around 8 million people. Being one of the smallest...

VIDEO: “I heard Israelis are the Satan but I see that you’re angels”

I am in Guatemala City, in Latin America, and I was amazed to see what these Israelis are doing here. They are helping poor neighborhoods, play and educate children out of love.

VIDEO: How the Philippines saved 1200 Jews during the Holocaust

This is the story of how the Philippines opened its doors to save over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust in WWII.

VIDEO: The ONE question Palestinian leaders NEVER answer

The Palestinian leadership has systematically avoiding this question. It's about time we ask this and answer with the truth. Please share this.

VIDEO: I’ve never been to this place before in Israel

Magdala - an ancient Jewish town in the Galilee, where Jesus preached to the crowd at one of the oldest Synagogues in the country....

VIDEO: The Israeli answer to Hamas

This is the Israeli answer to Hamas' terrorism.

VIDEO: This is the ancient Land of Israel

I decided to put politics and news aside, and simply show you the ancient special side of this country. The history of Israel is...

VIDEO: The truth about Israel-Gaza situation

This is what the Hamas terror organization is doing in Gaza - and what Israel does for the people in Gaza. The media will...

VIDEO: What is happening between Syria and Israel?

After Daraa was bombed by the Assad regime, the IDF had decided to send humanitarian aid to the Syrian civilians who are escaping war. The war left millions without homes, refugees, displaced and in need of humanitarian aid. Israel is there to help.