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Testimony – “There is Power in The Name of Jesus”

Joe testifies to a Messianic encounter a young rabbi experienced in Jerusalem.

[VIDEO] Why We Do It

Continuing in the series, Faith and Faithfulness, Pastor Chad talks about motivation of our hearts and how important that is too God.

Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 14

Sarah writes, "There were many twists and turns along the way and especially since I arrived here in 1997 – not all of which was pleasant, but I can honestly say that in the midst of it all, God directed my paths..."

[VIDEO] Knowledge Puffs Up But Love Builds

Shabbat service at Peniel Fellowship on September 12, 2020.

[VIDEO] Jesus is superior to all (Part 1)

Teaching by John Theodor from the Book of Hebrews at Jerusalem Assembly on September 5, 2020.

A Burning Ring of Fire

Aaron writes, "Now, I’m afraid, we’re coming into another season where God is sending “hunters” to chase these Jewish people out of their comfortable lives in the Diaspora and bring them back to Israel."

The Accuser

Diana writes, "How do we resist the accuser? I’m only going to cover one way today, and that is the word. Yeshua did it when He was being tempted by the adversary, and it is extremely important that we do it also."

Daniel 10:1 – 11:1 – Daniel Foresees a Great War Army

Howard writes, "Let us learn to believe the Word of God, and to pray according to it, so that we, like Daniel, will be faithful and true witnesses of our God and Savior, and can help others receive the gift of eternal life which we have freely received through faith in the name of Jesus/Yeshua for salvation."

[VIDEO] Kehilat HaCarmel – Shabbat Service – September 12, 2020

Kehilat HaCarmel (Carmel Congregation) is a Messianic congregation located in Haifa on Mount Carmel, Israel.

Standing Before the Lord

Moran writes, "God made a covenant with mankind through His Son in order that we will be able to be reconciled with Him. There are no shortcuts; there is only one way to enter His camp."