Palestinian media: A wolf in sheep’s clothing?


JERUSALEM, Israel – When Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas visited the White House earlier this month, he told President Trump they are teaching peace to their children. The Palestinian Media Watch tells a much different story.

On May 3, Abbas spoke these exact words to President Trump.

“Mr. President, I affirm to you that we are raising our children and grandchildren on a culture of peace.”

Itamar Marcus, founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch, told CBN News Abbas was not telling the truth.

“There is no greater lie than Mahmoud Abbas saying they are teaching their children to have peace,” Marcus said. “They demonize Israelis and Jews in every which way possible.”


He cited some of what their children say on P.A. television.

•    “Fight the Jews, kill them and defeat them.”
•    “To war that will smash the oppression and destroy the Zionists soul.”
•    “O Sons of Zion, O most evil among creation. O barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs.”
•    “Our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail.”

Marcus said not only are their children taught to hate Jews, the theme of celebrating deadly violence against Israelis also extends to Palestinian culture.


The P.A. names schools, town squares and even sporting events after Palestinians who kill Israelis.

•    One street in Ramallah is named after Ahmad Yassin, the founder of Hamas.
•    Another street bears the name of Yahya Ayyash, nicknamed “the engineer,” for developing Palestinian suicide bombs.
•    And one square is named after Abu Sukkar, the man known as the “refrigerator bomber.”


“What did he do to make himself famous?” asked Marcus rhetorically. “He took a bomb in a refrigerator, took it to Ben Yehuda Street in the center of Jerusalem, filled it with explosives, detonating it and killing 15 Israelis. That makes him a Palestinian hero and there’s a square in his name. Literally anyone who has killed a large number of Israelis is presented by the Palestinian leadership as a hero to their people.”
President Trump plans to meet with Abbas again during his upcoming visit to the Middle East. Marcus thinks Trump is unaware of what goes on inside the Palestinian Authority.

“It’s urgent that they get the proper message because otherwise they would be pushing something that would be a disaster for Israel,” he explained. “We must have a peace process, but you must have an educational peace process before we can even begin to talk about a political peace process.”

This article originally appeared on CBN News, May 12, 2017, and reposted with permission.