Paris plotters summit summary

Here is my summary of what took place surrounding the Paris conference last Sunday, January 15, 2017.

First, this conference is the follow up to a 1-day conference that was held in June 2016, which ended with a vague call for another conference before the end of the year. The point of both summits was for the international community to put pressure on Israel to re-enter negotiations with the Palestinians for a 2-state solution, with pre-determined conditions already on the table to pre-1967 borders. This would mean Israel losing Jerusalem, as well as pulling back to indefensible borders. The nations wanted a solid showing of international support for conditions that Israel could not and would not ever accept. And they wanted it before Trump took office.

In keeping with Obama’s desire for the USA to step down as the lead player in international affairs, France wanted to be the facilitator of new talks. It is said that French President Hollande wanted this for his “legacy”. Instead, at the close of the 2nd Paris Summit on Sunday, all the efforts to hamstring Israel with an impossible negotiation agenda, ended far short of the hopes of the nations gathered. In the end the nations had to pacify themselves with the “subliminal messages” they said they had sent to the U.S. President Elect Donald Trump. I don’t think they understand what the word “subliminal” means and they certainly don’t understand the impact on Donald Trump that any type of message they sent would have on him.

Israel feared a strong, unified pronouncement out of the Paris Summit especially after the intensely damaging UN Resolution 2334 “which clearly condemned settlement activity, incitement and all acts of violence and terror,” according to the 75 countries and international organizations in Paris for the Summit. But it was Intercessory Prayer 101 that saved the day, namely “confusion in the enemy camp.” The Ha’Aretz diplomatic reporter in Paris tweeted, “Paris conference final Communique still totally chaotic’, Western Diplomats tell me”.

Later we would find out that a main cause for the “chaos” was with the UK junior delegation refusing to sign the declaration. According to the UK Guardian, London “likely fears that the conference risks becoming a means to circumscribe future US policy on Israel before the Trump team has decided this.” I am reading that the Balkan states also played a spoiler part in the summary statement the Paris Summit had hoped to issue. The end result was considerably weaker than what had been intended.

The new Theresa May administration in the UK clearly got Trump’s message even if the French government failed to: “U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers told senior French officials during New York meeting that they object to the very holding of the conference, especially so close before Trump’s inauguration.”

While the major powers intended the Paris Summit to warn off Trump from Israel support, especially acting on his promise to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Trump warned off the Paris conference taking any unilateral Mideast moves.

In the end, even John Kerry adjusted the message he wanted to send out to the world when he put in a call to Prime Minister Netanyahu during the conference to say that the Paris conference would have no follow up in the UN Security Council or any other international forums, according to the tweet from Paris of the Ha’Aretz diplomatic reporter cited earlier. A quick review of headlines today concerning the Paris Summit shows that the French are on the ropes, attempting to claim their conference was a success regardless. It wasn’t. It fizzled and did not come near their original intentions. {The full text of the closing declaration]

We know that this is not the end of the matter, but praise God for the prayers of the saints on Israel’s behalf. We also request that continued prayers be made for Donald Trump to remain a champion of Israel and not to be moved by the fierce opposition that is inherent in making that stand. Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States on Friday, Jan 20, but clearly is already having an impact on the nations gathered against Israel. No effective international opposition gathering until it is God’s own timing for the return of Yeshua!

It is a good thing to know that God has a plan of His own for Israel, which as His Word relates in the meantime:

It shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it. – Zech. 12:3