Paris, the World’s Hypocrisy Meter

This past week, Paris was hit by a horrendous terror attack with well over a hundred dead and hundreds more injured. The whole world responded strongly in support of France and Her people, and terrorism was condemned almost universally.

This, of course, should be the response of the world to terrorism. The difficulties come not with the condemnation of terrorists and terror activities, but with the nature of the response to these acts and the nature of the response to the response to these actions.

The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, and President Francois Holland declared is the strongest terms that “We are at war. We, therefore, take exceptional measures. And this war, we will win,” and went on to say “Terrorism hit France not because of what it is doing in Iraq and Syria … but for what it is.” When the Prime Minister spoke these words he was applauded by leaders, the world over and the news media rejoiced at the strong convictions of the French people, as they rise against this enemy.

But imagine for a minute Prime Minister Netanyahu saying these same words, the world would jump to their feet and scream in offence at the injustice. Now here is where the hypocrisy stands out so strongly. ISIS is a terrorist network just like Hamas; ISIS attacked a soft target with intent to kill and injure innocent civilians, just like Hamas. ISIS used homicide explosive belts and small arms fire, just like Hamas does. ISIS wants their own country in which they have no documented history or rights to, just as Hamas does.

Why is it that when France responds to a terrorist attack with overwhelming force breaking in the doors of hundreds of homes while at the same time initiating large-scale airstrikes at ISIS targets in Syria with no concern for collateral damage to civilians. The world stands together encouraging continued attacks to destroy the terrorist enemy. There are no international calls for calm, reasoned, proportional responds. No United Nations resolutions or condemnations. In fact, we have heard nothing except universal support even from the liberal media establishments.

Why is this so different from when Israel defends herself against the same type of attacks from the same form of Islamic radical terrorists? When people begin to think honestly about and answer that question, then we will be able to defeat terror. But until there is not just universal support against terror for the USA or Europe or Russia, but also for Israel, we will never defeat Islamic Terror.