Passover and deliverance, a very real modern escape back to Israel during world lockdown

Passover is a special time to remember what God did for the Israelites in delivering us out of bondage to freedom.

Every year we read our Seder books and tell the story faithfully. This recounting the miracles of the parting of the Red Sea and so much more is how we can remain grateful to a living God. The God of Israel.

For over 2 decades my family has travelled the world sharing in the traditional Passover. We teach and explain the celebration in a biblical fulfillment in Christ alone.

We have shared in hundreds of churches and it is always well accepted. 

This year some unusual events took place before we were to travel.

A virus suddenly was gripping the world but it mostly was affecting people on world cruises as far as we could see. Slowly news travelled that other nations were also affected and people everywhere were sick and dying. It seemed still as a faraway tragedy and not close to home. In our town one morning during this terrible news the sick people were soon to dwell next to us in our same town. Somebody must have screamed bloody murder because that was soon shot down but quickly!

Hospitals instead began making special wards for this sudden emergency transpiring everywhere. Now it seemed not so far away anymore.

Determined to have our Passover tour I forged ahead with our plans to travel. No one person had been sick in Israel yet except for those rescued from that ship off of Italy’s coast. The USA only had a handful of people who were ill and it seemed so innocent to just go ahead with our annual plans for Passover teaching. They kept broadcasting it was like the flu. We had our flu shots in February.

I always get so sensitive and teary eyed to see our prayer partners and supporters when close to our travel date. I search for little goodies, camels, pottery, mezuzahs to bless the body of Christ. I always try to get the pastor a special gift and his wife. Deep in my spirit I asked God to please renew a specialness this year, a renewal of heart in the season. It is so special and I wanted my heart to be just right. I don’t really know why I prayed like that but I did.

The day arrived we were to travel. Israel suddenly announced no incoming planes allowed to fly into Israel. We were already at the airport and it was like almost empty.

I still did not grasp as many did not, the magnitude of what really was going on. I was going to do my tour and that was the end of the story as far as I was concerned. I began to have a rude awakening. Yet God gave me such grace.

The first few days were restful as we were guests of a pastor friend. We recovered from jet lag nicely and were ready to speak. This first meeting was Messianic and so they needed no teaching on Passover. Instead my husband shared about Israel’s salvation in Purim time, the book of Esther.

It was a delightful evening and we also did some Hebrew-speaking outreaches to Israelis employed in America. We brought books of Yeshua in Hebrew and had some really good witnessing conversations. We always evangelize Israelis when we travel. It is part of our travel program.

The news was 24/7 filled with this new virus thing, the crown virus as it is translated, corona means crown.

I began to receive email after email about church being closed. I was aghast in disbelieve. How can you close God’s church I wondered? Yet each pastor was so nice and apologetic. I felt guilty as in my heart I still wanted to go share Passover. We had an expensive ticket that sometimes was covered by the end of speaking season. What’s more is that we are moving. We are gracefully older now and truly the home we have lived in is just too sizey now! Moving costs funds, how could this be happening, and now? Well there were still a couple more special meetings and we would just by pass the doubters and go to those still in the calendar. I just would not give it up. I thought I was going to do this my way. I just had not really understood what was taking place and hardly would believe it, no one really did actually.

After a few days more people were being seriously ill and then it became a pandemic. We were instructed not to get close to each other and suddenly toilet paper was as gold commodity! This happened for several days and I realized I had to pray, God’s will not mine. I bowed my head in repentance, a mustard seed short prayer. It was sincere however and I asked the Lord what he wanted us to do now. He was clearly putting up a wall. He was closing a door no man could open. I have not seen this kind of stubborn donkey kicking and I was just plowing full steam ahead. I did not see the angles blocking my path that the donkey was seeing in front of him.

The Holy Spirit showed me how bad things were getting concerning my travel plans now. My home is in Israel now, it has been for 30 years. The Lord said I am taking you home. I couldn’t believe this unexpected change of events.

Delta airlines had cancelled all flights to Israel as did almost all companies with their flights by now. I was horrified. 

Delta also cancelled flights to Europe even if we rerouted. I was frozen and shocked. How could this be happening in beautiful America? What did that mean not enough hospital beds, gowns and gloves? In the USA? What do people pay medical insurance for? Disbelief in this awful reality  was all I could see. 

I saw empty shelves at the super market and all I could think of was Russian stories I had heard of where they waited hours for buying bread. But this is America I kept telling myself. Wow and what a different America I saw this time. Seniors had to have hours of shopping set aside just for them. No one was really caring about their needs as people hoarded anything and everything. It was so appalling to see this selfishness and panic fear.

I have had dreams in the past many years ago. I dreamed America was totally without any thing. All phone towers were out, any car was without tires, no steering wheel. No water, roads neglected and in very bad shape everywhere, it was dreadful. I began to feel as if I was in that space and time now. 

The Lord showed me to get out and soon, just go. I thought ok we have friends on the ranch in the mountains, more friends here and there and blah blah. Yet the Lord was saying this is not the place for you both now I am taking you home. Yet our tickets were such a problem because of the air route chaos which was now beginning all over the world. Who closes the entire world down for the flu? They were saying it was like the flu? I don’t think so, not any more.

As I looked at almost a bare cupboard I thought of our host. How could he provide for us if there is no food at the market? We could give him money but we are not his responsibility and there is no more rice or bread or toilet paper. I heard vitamin C helped very much for this virus going on, that was all gone too at stores! People were reading the same articles I was and looking for all the same healthy foods. There was no more, all gone. It was just crazy. It all happened overnight. The place where all the good stuff was coming from was entirely closed down, China. Fancy that! Even the antibiotics America is taking, yep, all made in China.

I began to think of Scriptures, The Lord will come as a thief in the night. I thought of the Scripture where God pours out his wrath on nations which cursed Israel. I got a tiny glimpse of what will happen in the future according to Scripture and it was something I don’t want to ever see. I wouldn’t want it for my worst enemy and neither would you.

This has happened and no one was prepared. I decided we will go to a hotel as they were so cheap now, 26 dollars a night! I later learned employees had the virus that’s why the drop in prices!!! Suddenly the entire city was in lock down, that’s right, lockdown. Hotels told everyone they had to get out, just like that!! If driving was not allowed outside city limits how could we even get to the ranch?  Mission houses were filled with other workers who were stuck as we were. Even the churches had no room at the inn. Yet even if we were able to get to these churches, which we were not, we may end up being stuck in the USA. Our insurance was only for 30 days. All these realities filled my heart. 

Then the Lord brought a special friend who suddenly wanted to help send us home, just like that. I knew it was God’s deliverance, our personal story of a Red Sea parting for us. Yet just as in the original Passover we had only a certain window frame in which we could travel, NOW.

I began calling and praying and asking for prayer. Brothers in Israel began to pray for us too. The Lord showed us leave from where you are and go directly home. Don’t bother rerouting or getting creative. Like the monopoly game, go straight home. Long lines were beginning to form at Costco’s and Walmart’s. Lines so long my husband cannot stand with his medical thin vein leg issue. I could envision the Red Sea closing in on us.

The prices seemed too high for the ticket home. We had to buy a new ticket altogether! I did not want my friend to pay so much. Then after several options presented to me on the phone and a long conversation about England being closed etc. etc., we found a flight! 

It was in a few days. OK we thought as it was the cheaper one. 

Then the miracle of God happened

While on the phone the agent says suddenly that on her computer screen appeared another flight option. It appeared on her screen out of nowhere!! It was in 36 hours. 

It was 1,000 dollars cheaper and the price just dropped. I realized prices were falling and so was the airline industry. 

President Trump was closing the skies and maybe closing all domestic flights too. Red Sea here I come I felt like exclaiming, stay parted!!!! We purchased the ticket and the next day were on the flight home.

In all my 30 years of flying to Israel and back I never had a full row to myself. I slept like a baby going home. We even witnessed Christ to man stuck in the airport and were able to bless him. All workers in the entire city lost their jobs there overnight. I was so terrible and sad.

I truly feel as if God gave me a renewal for the Passover story and celebration this year. It is as I asked him. My heart broke for the Americans as the plane took off and then landed in Israel. 

Now this week as I am home and my heart is breaking for Israel. 

Thousands of Israelis are now also sick and some are also dying. My heart is breaking for the dying world, literally thousands upon thousands now dying. They need a Passover deliverance. 

They need the blood to cover their hearts to deliver them from this plague. They too need a renewal of heart. They need to run home through the Red Sea. God is leading them home, to Him. I will surely be praying for that. I pray they yell as I wanted to yell, wait for me Red Sea, don’t close just yet, I am coming. We are running home back to Israel.

May the Lord bless you this Passover season. 

By the way we give food and assistance to others on a regular basis, please visit our website to keep this ministry going. We still have plans to move soon but for now no moving is allowed by the state. Blessings from Zion.

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Miriam Abramov is Israeli and resides in Israel. She has published and written 2 books, "Shalom At Last" (co-authored with her husband Shlomy) and also her biography titled "Married to Israel". She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Israel College of the Bible and pursued an M.A. degree in Jewish Missions. She sponsors tours in Hebrew for Israelis to teach about the Bible. She co-leads a fellowship with her husband and teaches on Israel’s feasts internationally. She is recognized with International Journalism status and enjoys writing free-lance about Israel from an informed citizen’s perspective on a variety of subjects connected to the Holy Land.